I want to be, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Presence of Your Spirit

I was thinking; if I held contempt, for all the things, I have put up with, one of those episodes of someone else’s pure rage, a roaring lion, up your face. I would be in sorry shape. It is why my writings with the Lord, are so important to me.

 Universally for You and Me. Oh Lord have Mercy on The World. In Your Name Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I am ready for the first, then the total. One hundred forty to hundreds. Clear my mind, from these negative images, which keep haunting, my thoughts. 

    I went out, on, the only limb there was. He had to know. First, the first love I put it on Face Book for him, and one other to see, along with all that possibly saw it through him. I have no idea. 

     I followed the course, to the end, for a new beginning, “In Presence of Spirit.” Going to do it! Got to do it! Have to do it! I already started it! You have to be, “In Presence of Spirit.” To me, it is the being, “In Presence of Spirit.” In Your Name Jesus Christ, I do pray. May the Lord of Hosts, Come Into The Very Presence of Your Spirit. October 4, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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A Journey from darkness to the light.