Sixty-two writings,

East Coast probably, My Son took the photo
My keepsake has grown into ten years of writings, plus the ones before

    Worldly verses Spiritual. Good ones, unique ones, only ones, all individual ones, data from the inner chamber of my soul, to you and ours. To The One Truth of Existence, Jesus Christ Resurrection to Life Eternal, In Him, Through Him, Round About, The Glory of Him, In Spirit of Jesus Christ, I am.

    Sixty-two writings so far. Without any one’s knowledge,  my keepsake has grown into ten years of writings, plus the ones before 96′, I refuse to think any different then my writings say, on the contrary to the whole big picture, “Worldly verses Spiritual.”

I believe with all my heart.

    I have proof. My writings are proof. No human-made credentials, this credit goes completely, and ultimately to Jesus Christ. My Lord and Savior and my only reason for breathing still. My writing is complete now.

    The husband of my youth and I are One in Spirit. The Lord has put us back together, for the grand finale.  If I may take your hand in Spirit, I will guide you to the unveiling of, “In Presence of Spirit In Conversations with the Lord,” by Wendy for You, the husband of my youth. I feel in my heart that both will sell. I have to sale the first to publish the second? Or share it? The way will be shown.

    I have followed through with all that has been given me, in writing, editing. I am almost finished. It is handwritten. Throughout the last ten years of my life, I have been preparing, “In Presence of Spirit,” for some years, there are only a few writings, in some of them, others quite a few. In essence, I wrote, of course, every year, and the prayers and writings are Omnipresent. They mean the same thing now, as they did the minute, second, they were created.

So I am completing the task at hand.

    With my eyes wide open, I am sending all that I described to you too, The New York Times. Someone close told me, I was never going to get a dime from my book. I told my daughters, and they are taking me to send my package. Oh my, it is my destiny, I have to send, what I have to, The New York Times. It is my consecration 2. to make or declare sacred-3. To devote solemnly to a purpose consecration. It is indeed my destiny to complete now. I have my package all ready.

     I am going to send you copies of all the letters, originals and edited. They are yours, I just shared them with the World, when you are just finding out about them. But the World does not know yet, but it will. It will. You know what, I believe it will. I hope someday you will want to read all my writings.

To capture such eloquence in writing;

    It is from the Lord. Not man made, or for that matter woman made. It is through the blood of Jesus Christ. For World redemption, deliverance from the lie of lies.

    The kingdom of heaven is within, and each of us is searching for their home in Christ, and it is within. It is not after death. It is now. Carry on to your awakening. Go for it! What do you have to lose? Nothing.

    It is life after death, in the here and now. It is heaven on earth. To be freed from the bondage of time, place, and reason. Once again, I say, “Go for it.”

    Darkness or light, bondage or freedom, as with everything, we have the choice. It is left or right, right or wrong. Dark or light, and or light or darkness.  Freedom or bondage. Make your decision and go with the flow, to the internal purification. It is not a bunch of gibberish; it is Exquisite Communication In The Spirit of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Jesus Christ,

For every word, you made through me, come alive. It is my heart’s desire, to complete or begin with New Years resolve. See where it all falls together, because that is, what it has to do. Accomplish itself, in the designated time, and not a minute before.

    You know, I could not of myself, write for the Lord, not in the flesh, but In Spirit, It Is Verified 2. to establish the truth, accuracy, or reality, of syn. Authenticate, corroborate, substantiate, validate.

    This I must do this year henceforth. My spontaneous combustion of completing now, instead of tomorrow, after it is mailed there is no turning back. It was inevitable that I would step up to the plate.

    The Lord knows it is bountiful, for We all, are Spiritual Beings, even if we have not realized it yet. When the light of Jesus Christ ignites the fire in our souls. It is operating in maximum overdrive, to deplete the lies, and To Replace it with, The Absolute Truth of Our Existence through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. You know, how many times will I say, “I believe,”

I believe with one heart to heal humanity.

    In One with, The Holy Kingdom of God, which is inside me, inside you, inside each, and every one of you, and he wants you to be free of the inner turmoil of no meaning.

    He cures all the trauma’s, losses. He takes away the guilt. He lets the light shine in, the ever presence of our being. He straight up, sets the road straight, and narrow for wide is the way and few that get there. Not anymore.

    Anyone can enter the kingdom of heaven within.
Oh, Jesus Christ, this is what you gave me to share, and I am sharing it to my only husband in the flesh and my husband first who is in heaven and on earth, in you and me. (21-36 our ages) ‎

    Awe man, I have continually said throughout my writings, all the years, courage, patience, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, I am doing it with You Lord, so it makes every step worth eternity.

    I am the only one that can at this point and every point. It is entrusted to me to produce the whole script, and I had, and I am having a blast of life. Thank You, Jesus Christ, I am ready for anything, and everything. I need to go back to Big Bend, the mountains are calling me, I am there in my heart, and I want to be there in the flesh. October 30, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2005-2024 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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