It is my twin sister’s birthday today.

Help Me Through This Time of Adjustment

It was a good thing our birthdays were separated by twenty-three minutes. I being born at 11:55 pm on the 10th and her at 12:18 am on the 11th of February of course, 1960, 51 years ago.

     I figure I was 28 when we moved into the big house, large property. When I was 18, I stood in front of this house and said I was going to live there one day, and I did. Till December 29, 1995.

The day I wrote, ” In Presence of Spirit,”

I showed my husband what I wrote. He could not believe, I wrote it. It was my handwriting. The word for word, as with everything in my book. Every word is an extension of my first communication in spirit. Wow, incredible. Seven years searching, turning the other cheek. 70 x 70 = 490 times. The ending of my putting up.

When I started writing,

“Knowledge had been impatiently been misplaced.” I knew I started my book. The beginning to the end. Despite everything that tried to hinder my progress.

I knew Jesus Christ Holy Spirit

guided me through, and what we share, will one day be read, by more than me. Compared to the Universe. I am little in size.

I have made a mistake in judgment,

And caused some undue aggravation, I kept an illusion. And since I am Celebrating all my Fifteen-Year Anniversaries, with my writings, I call them. All my illusions are gone. Thank You, Jesus. February 11, 2011

Oh Lord, help me

through this time of adjustment. I have all this information and I know I am the one, who needs to execute it. By giving, I will receive. Each and every prayer will be multiplied, by, however, many people, ever read my writings, in the secret compartment of my soul. February 14, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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