I recall stating,

Through the veil of darkness, to the inner light and perseverance

“I am going to rise above the mundane perceptions of life,” into a higher level of consciousness.

Only to get chewed down in the reality of my true self:

Woman that fought hard for some mini vision of hope, for everyone concerned; but I was not ready for a challenge, that had scattered me abroad, once again. In six short weeks, I have obliterated myself into some fragmented person, and past rules again.

“In Presence of Spirit,” is a foundation,

in which I need to walk through, and enlighten the brightness, that Jesus Christ, reveals, in the secret mysteries. That can be achieved for all. Through the veil of darkness, to the inner light, and perseverance, that comes from trusting, Christ’s gifts fully.

My losses are upfront in my mind, right now.

I feel that writing about the ending cycle, and what caused my ruins, should be executed in the draft. (I did not do that) Meaningless memories for everyone but me because through all the floating of my existence.

I accomplished a ritual cleansing

in which I have to re-cleanse through the unveiling of, “In Presence of Spirit,” so my life can have meaning, once again. The ending cycle of the degeneration of our souls, to the absolute truth; which lies through Jesus Christ, Life, Ministry, Teachings, Death, Resurrection to Life Eternal, in the Spirit, through the Spirit, round about the Spirit

In the faith, that comes from the Love,

Life, Ministry, Teachings, Death, Resurrection to Life Eternal; In the Holy Spirit, through the Holy Spirit, beside the Holy Spirit, round about the Holy Spirit. In faith of, The Glorious Promises, that was’ set.

    In which Moses was blessed to the writings of the statutes, commandments, judgments. The writings on the wall in Daniel. The sufferings of Job. The misinterpretation of life from centuries ago. To fulfill in the designated time. The fulfillment from misconception to the truth, that God was always giving us round about. Wendy July 19, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.