I was told past events do not matter.

We Have Been Searching For The Key To Our Hearts
I am here to say, the problems we have today are generational abominations, long-suffering in any realm.

    To think you are anything but the dust of the dark. The light awaits the love, the compassion, the understanding, the courage, the patience, the wisdom, the knowledge.

    It relinquishes the past of its present pain, and stands forth right in faith to the truth of our existence.

    This is the point: I will use my writings, my experiences and ultimate uplifting of the powers of God’s love for us. We have been protected. Each has gathered generational knowledge.

    We have been searching for the key to our hearts. Therein lies the pain that needs to be unraveled. It’s all your life plus your ancestor’s, repeating the same misconceptions of life.

    The abominations regenerate themselves to total degeneration, and destruction as seen in my family. And in or for the regeneration to begin, there needed to be (my) complete abandonment. No one on this planet is perfect. One source, One God Almighty. I’ve been told God only gives as much as you can handle. I feel as if all of us were on overload. January 24, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Finding knowledge,

Ultimately Wisdom Is Given Through The Powers of God’s Fulfilling Words

through the words of God, through His Prophets. Understanding, through, The Death, and Resurrection of, Our Sweet Lord Jesus. Ultimately Wisdom is given through, The Powers of God’s, Fulfilling, Promises and Words.

The Revelations, since the transition from sin.

    To fully accepting, Christ as my Savior. The Baptism, the death of sin, and rebirth through Jesus Christ’s, Sacred Heart. The Deliverance, all substance of, Christ comes together; the sin is forgiven.

The transition is hard, and lonely but is a must.

    It can be more comfortable with people, who have been through the same thing, which is everyone. Realizing I am one of his followers, I followed, I let everything go. I had no other choice.  I used to ask. “God, what does it mean? How can you? Leave your home, your children, all your belongings, your Unfaithful Husband.

I told the Judge I wanted, Justification

and him taking everything except, he gave me back my maiden name. “that is all I wanted” I turned relieved. “the justification through Christ, is provided, I was free, from him.

 I mourned for six months; I studied for six months.

    (Before) April 30, 1995, I got saved, for the seventh time, transition from mind to the heart.  Cut the dimensions of resistance. I felt it, The Preacher, saw it. Baptized May 7, 1995. Delivered, February 9, 1996.

  I was inspired to write.

     No one cared. I could not do, very much of anything, except study. He walked with me, into the fire, and brought me unsheathed, out of the fire. In my writings, I have found, The Holy Spirit, writing through me, pages upon pages, of The Oneness of Christ’s Love, and Patience for Us, His Chosen.

    I surely know the way, into the presence of God, and someday when it is God’s time. I will write for many, through me, In Him, roundabout. Actually, I have to put it all together, it is in months. It is already written. July 18, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Wendy Wake Up,

We All Can Tap Into, The Presence of Spirit

smell the coffee, it’s your time, and it is your turn. To share, a piece of eternity, with anyone, who needs, a friend. The only friend that can shine, the light from heaven, from him to all of us.

I can not go back, and pick at anything, I put in the book. 

    To me, it all belongs. To me, I see, less of myself, and more of, The Presence of Spirit. The Holy Spirit, of Jesus Christ, who was given, In Spirit. 

To Anyone Who Wants To Internally, Be Ministered, too. 

    Do you ask? The Lord already knocked, you did not answer. You will, he comes in, through the Spirit of the writers, in the old, and new testament.

 I would like you to know,

    My twin still argues with me, about my book. She say’s, “it is just for me.” I have always, known, what I am, ultimately, going to do, is Publish, for anyone to find, that, The Kingdom of Heaven, Is In Every one of Us. To accept or deny. It is still there. 
We all can tap into, The Presence of Spirit.
Just by reading from my eyes, hand, heart, soul, and mind, “In Presence of Spirit.” To you with love, not from me, from Him, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Who gave me, the most precious times, “In Presence of Spirit.” 
Thank You, Jesus Christ,

for coming into me, and giving me, your breath of life. Thank You, for all the words, prayers, verses, poems and songs. Thank You, for each, and every quote, every writing, short or long. 

    Thank You, for, The Whole World. I did it, by The Grace of God. It is meant to be. I know in my heart, this is to be, true. What else can, I do? What else will, I do?  I think that everything, will fall into, God’s place and time, and it will reap, what has been sown, for Mankind, not just myself.

    To All, In One Accord. To Accept The Testimony, that be. In His Hands, We Are Healed. In Ours, That Void, Is The Lord’s. That Search, Is The Lord’s. That Guilt, Is The Lord’s, To take away, from your internal being. So you can breathe, again. That gut-wrenching pain is The Lord’s. 

    The Lord is the only one, that can take it away. In The Lord is Freedom, even in, extreme conditions. As they say, “and this too shall pass.” We are One In The Spirit, One In The Lord.” Jesus Christ, Thank You, for entrusting me, with this massive job. I had so much fun. In the name of, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. July 31, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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It is about You, giving me a beautiful gift of You, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Waiting for the word, to start my internal purification, all over again. I am waiting, for the complete closure, of my writings, to You. So I can send them out, to who finds it, in their hearts, to read.

 It is mostly, “In Presence of Spirit.” I can not take me out of it. So what if I am unknown. It is about finding You, in my heart, in my soul, in my mind.

    It is about You, giving me a beautiful gift of You, “In Presence of Spirit,” The first writing, “and all the rest.” The reason all this has come together, For Your World Awakening. In You, Through You, on the side of You, On Your Feet, In The Twinkling of Your Spiritual Presence.

    Through The Unveiling of Your Love for Mankind, To come into the inner chamber of their hearts. You will meet them, and activate the total rights of, Your Great Power Calling, through me, for them. Have to give, to receive.

    Lord Have Mercy, On The Whole World. Bring Us Out Of The Darkness, and Into The Light of Your Ever Presence. Shine Your Love on The Multitudes, In The Presence of Your Spirit. I Claim Prosperity of Heart, Mind, and Soul. To The Christ Spirit, Within Us All, Forevermore. October 15, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Just goes to show you,

Clouds and Moon
Self Knows The Oneness

a lie can not, last forever. Deceit, plays havoc, in people’s lives. But one’s shame closes the soul of understanding and places decision, in someone else’s hands, which causes utter destruction.

    Where there is no heart, there is no peace. Where there is no peace, there is contempt. Because one always ends up, being the doormat, of other’s power, and control.

    When taken away, One becomes Self again, and Self knows, the Oneness, that is with, and through, the regeneration of an ancient past of the soul, and its rightful place in peace, without all outside obstruction. November 29, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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