The Writings are Dedicated to:

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The Writings are Dedicated to The One True Love of Eternity

The One True Love of Eternity Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, with His Most Holy Spirit, He left Us To Find and Share.

    Thank You, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, for Yours’s and My, ” You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Love with one heart to heal.

To me the chronological order is significant.

    So since I wrote the writings for me first, I am sharing it with you first. My eyes have been blessed with a vision of comprehensible insights. That is now completed, I am still adding. I told my Dad I am finished and I do not know what to do now? He said, “write another book.” We laughed.

    Finishing up literally, this time. I have found the writings that were’ lost; now they are home with the rest. Thirty-three new and old alike and seven more to go, ho, ho, ho. Wow, I love finding them stuck in other papers — my extensive paper collection.

    This is it; I am at the last of the last, it is funny to me, it goes on and on in significance to me, until I print. Then that day, I will no longer add to the writings.

Putting it all together,

When I started writing the letter to Silent Unity and ended with my sister’s comment. “Do you know someone is going to read that?” I never sent that letter. I meant to. It ended up in the book, where it belongs at the beginning.

    “In Presence of Spirit,” it is the first communication in Spirit. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ gave me the writing, the purpose is my purpose. “but what oneself is To You Dear Lord. What you have given me. My Love, (Him) and My Life (meaning,) to fulfill the plan you have made for every person on this planet we call earth.”1988

    These communications stand still in time, for there is no space that separates each piece of our communicating in Spirit. The dates are only accurate documentation. They can no longer run together as with the first one hundred forty-four writings. That is in, “In Presence of Spirit,” the book. That still has not been read yet.

    I have read it enough for everyone because, I, of course, have written in my handwriting, the whole of my writing extensions of, “In Presence of Spirit.” Jesus Christ called me, and I did call Him. The Holy Spirit united me to The Presence of Spirit. He watched over me, through the fire of my soul, and brought me out, to write, “In Presence of Spirit,” to its entirety.

    “The accounts are therefore brought forth to be certified when completed.” How much more can I possibly write? It is my will; I pass it on to you in Jesus Christ’s Omnipresent Name.

Dear Jesus Christ, In Your Name I do Pray.

    Caught in the unseen, unreal. A replicate of a fallen world in-cursed with the evil one’s dastardly deeds. The World is affected by the decay of the negative atmosphere, which penetrates, the downward spiral to the rock bottom of the highest mountain.

    Oh, Jesus, I finished our book, (yeah right) Yours and My – “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” The name is a giant name; it kept growing in strength and magnitude.

    It is what it is – a gift to me from You, for anyone of them, anyone who will find that the search is over and You are in the midst awaiting, to bring the negative into subjection.

The revelations from the darkest hour of everyone’s complete being,

The heart is the core of my existence, so in essence, it is not the beating of a flesh heart. It is the present; it is as one heartbeat as one in harmony, In Union, in Everlasting Peace through the redemption of sin.

    To find You, My Lord and My Savior. To help me through, time and time again. So a clearing can be shown to who cannot see that only way to get into the union of the unity of Jesus Christ and Your World Awakening.

Well I am at the Arroyo,

With my Dad and his wife across the street, my twin upstairs asleep, my older sister down the road, and me, well I slept four hours, the sun is too much. Anyway, here I am with over two hundred thousand words of the offspring of my, “In Presence of Spirit.” I kept it for everyone, not just myself.

    It is over there, and I am over here. But soon, so soon it will be on its way to Pittsburgh. I have to put the last of the first and the first of the final together. Otherwise, it will not be complete. Not a partial piece of the whole, but The whole full finished piece of the whole of my conversations with the Lord, this is how I must end this time.

    I am ready to complete and now I can complete, and follow through with my finished manuscript. Although I am going to edit it first. We will see what I do. It is time, it is surely time.

    Time just to be, “In Presence of Spirit,” my special place, I call my writings with the Lord, because it is, they are, and I am not insane in the membrane. Who cares if it is me, 50 years old me, Divorced me, Grandma of seven, one on the way, one in heaven. It is the most special times, I have had in all my years of my life, my love, my reason for breathing still, is in my writings, through and through. 2010 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2010 – 2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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