The extra revelations that transpired,

You are amide the Spiritual Awakening of the 20th Century and now 21st

thereafter. I wish I could describe. I felt Jesus walk, (float) into me, I felt Him, He was in me. It is the acceptance, baptism, deliverance. Which is sanctimonious, in all its wonderful attributes.

I truly walked with Christ.

I have not lost him. My writings are written in the Spirit. You can hear the Spirit of Meaning. There is a God here and now. There is peace beyond the veil.

There is only one way through the narrow gates.

For you to abandon your will, total and complete. Through God’s doors. You are the one that keeps them shut.

All outside interference’s will abolish,

as such, that the process of elimination, continues in the number of lamentations, reveal themselves to us. In the amount of time, that you so choose to keep blinders on.

After the Truth is in your heart.

When you finally have peace, you roll with the punches, while in the serenity of the internal purification. As foretold, “no harm can come to you.” I will have to find that somewhere in the Bible.

Putting the matter at hand, there is none.

For with God all things are perfect. Life has meaning, even though you think you are alone, in the World. You are not, you are amide the Spiritual Awakening of the 20th Century.

    Christ’s, unfolding in and through and round about. People are waking up, to the true meaning of our existence. The Solemn Feast of all Generations, were not forged in vain. For it is through Jesus Christ’s Ever Presence, that we can walk with Christ to Calvary. The acceptance, the abandonment of the will of transparency. The things that are not real. November 14, 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1996-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.