I Do Love, Always and Forever, Jesus Christ.

I Do Love Always and Forever, Jesus Christ

Capture important future visions, on paper. So to reflect on, in the unraveling of, “God’s Great Power Calling.” You let me be your fingers. Even more, I lived what you meant, to find my, Christ again.

I wished upon a Star. The Star of David, the bright star of the morning. The Lord’s Star. He opened my heart, and in my heart, I know the truth.

    So I was privileged to write about You, Lord, My Lord. I always knew God had something planned for me, of course, everyone has that, but me; I always wanted, to write from my heart. There is a purpose, and it will unveil itself, In God’s time, not mine! December 18, 1996,  Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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A Journey from darkness to the light.