Stingy me, Oh boy, my time, 

Stingy me, Oh boy, my time, In Presence of Your Holy Spirit, has given me bountiful blessings of peace.

In the Presence of Your Spirit, has given me bountiful blessings of peace.

Amid the things that would make me sick, with agony, do not affect me, like once, everything did.      

    Everything that was in the emotional pain of me was released. I could not carry it anymore. Each phase was testing and clearing of the guilt.

    The no reason for being. The fears, worries, and anxieties. All the pain, emotional pain, I carried for so many years, eighteen plus was freed in that, they, “I” call the ritual cleansing.    

    “From that second you accept Him completely. Your life starts, unfolding. The old misconceptions of life, are being eliminated through a process of transition, which takes a ritual cleansing.     

     The life which was without hope, is placed in, and through Jesus Christ, for the purification of the soul, in its rightful place.” 1996 “State of Being.” Seriously, everything, in spirit, that is written in this book, whole writings, is omnipresent.


    To me, it is like the first time. Like I am writing it, right now. It is an intimate journey, in spirit, with there; being present, communication, In Spirit. Even, when in my darkest hours. I write to Jesus Christ, He always brightens my day. January 14, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.