A Letter: I am happy you welcomed me with the caring heart,

Finding the knowledge that God was giving us round about

You have for me. I got to spend five months talking with you. I would have died if you had not been willing to do God’s will complete. You did not judge me, lest you had you would have told me. You are a very strong woman, and you have a firm hold on the facts of God’s mysteries and secrets, and You are strong in faith, love, compassion, patience.

    You gave me unconditional love, understanding. You guided me through a hurtful, confusing, end of the affliction of sin, to find the knowledge, that God was giving us roundabout, the end is not yet.

As you can see in my writing, that I have been reading, God’s Words.

    I am getting impatient, lost, scared, and I want God to come and get me now, for what am I without, I have been alone, I am not taking my will, I wish God would speed things up.

    I cannot burden anyone, and I am overwhelmed with their lives. I want to leave, and I have nowhere to go. I feel like I am an intruder.  And I have nothing to show for anything.

I have the Bible. I want to see action,

I have nothing, to give. I have faith that our justice lies entirely in the hands of God. For what else can I do but read, pray, sing, write, and wait. “Seek, and ye shall find, knock, and the door will be opened, look, and you will see.”

    These “letter writings” were’ written to my Guardian Angel, in the here and now. She received them, read them, put them in order and gave them back to me, so I could see how far I had come after months. March 4, 1996 (This is written 16 days after my Divorce.)

I get this feeling, and I have to write.

    Things I need to say, but mostly it is not, from my mind, it is from my heart. I made some terrible mistakes, and I suffered my iniquity, I thought that was enough, and then the things that followed.

    I know that God has forgiven me, I can not forgive myself. My esteem I have none. Walking on, “The Words of God.” Sometimes, I feel that is not enough to keep me afloat.

    I do not see, how I am going to get through this. I do not know anything about my children, and no one can do anything for me. I have to do it myself; I can’t even do that.

    Learning a different way of life, no demands, no fires to put out. It is not understandable, and it is incomprehensible that the system is actually for abusive, adulteress, him. They are insufficient in all matters about the outcome, not the why’s and wherefores. March 18, 1996

As you will be able to see,

I have been writing and reading a lot. Remember when we discussed writing a book. Well is this the makings, or am I insane?

    A lot that is in the long-suffering of humankind is the generations and what was passed down. As it says, “the third generation will start figuring it out.”

    I enjoy writing. I have something to say. I can not keep silent. It is going to be a solid pack of truths. God’s truth is unfolding before our eyes. My heart and soul are grounded in all honesty, for the seeds have been sown for a better tomorrow. March 19, 1996

Thank You for life.

Thank You for words. Thank You for giving me the rights, You have given me, in Spirit. All the why’s have been answered. My study through Your Precious Words makes all the pain, be so much more bearable. March 20, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1996-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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