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It is, November 25, 2014, It is the day, November 25, 1995, I wrote,

Moon photo from the house.
I Believe The Lord Helped Me Find My Way To Sharing My Writings

“To Whom I May Concern.” “The Accounts Are, Therefore,  Brought forth, To Be Certified, When Completed.

I am guessing, 2014,

is, “The Year.” I am working on my commas, and taking all the bold black off the writings, and of course, the Major Capitalization.  I am detailing it. I should have done that, a long time ago. I did not get it until I saw, some guy, for two seconds says, “He used a lot of commas,” to make the points.

I believe that the Lord, helped me find my way, to sharing, all 335 Writings.

I took Richard to the Doctor yesterday, they gave him his flu shot and the other one pneumonia, well. His tire came off of his wheelchair.

    I showed the Nurses at the Dr.’s office the wheelchair, and the man said the other tire was also gone. They tried to get him an electric chair. It would be impossible for him to get on and off. My Dad said they have small ones. I know he can’t get on and off. With or without me, I was there.

    So the guy comes to check on, Richard’s wheelchair. I went to the car and got, Richard’s Wheelchair, out. I showed him the steel tire, ha. He said, “why do you have this wheelchair.” I said, well that is what they gave him. He said, “it was for someone, that wheels themselves.

    The Company has one, that is for what, I need — seeing how I am the one wheeling him around. Well, I have had no help all these years. At least, maybe this time, it is going to be lighter, and not have the big tires. Oh well, we used what he had.

    The Lift Chair has not worked, in years. He can only use three fingers on each hand, for me to help him up. It is so sad and these People, know now, he needs a Hoyer lift of some sort, and a shower I can wheel him, with a rolling shower chair, with a lock.

    Never to this day made this house handicap accessible, and the Doctors Office, never did anything, until yesterday, and today what is up with that.

    Like I said once, where is, The Foundation for Cerebral Palsy, for Adult People, who need their, home handicap accessible. Guess there is not one. We are still without a water heater. These people will not send the money. I am procrastinating for nothing. “The reason I was waiting was, that the guy went joint compound happy on the ceiling, and I thought they would not accept it, but they did.”

November 26, 2014,

Well, I have been playing around with Customization, Categories. What is not right, are the writings, like The Beginning, (I just figured it out, I have to specify the year. but why ha, the computer is confused.) I do not have time to figure it out. So I have always left it as is until I change it. Not the words, the structure.

Everything Richard cannot do ever,

For himself since I have known him. I do for him, Not complaining, Richard is 72 now. We have been friends for 15 years now. No way I could have done any of this on my own. The home, and all the necessities.

Received the standard wheelchair

The one with the big tires that is the only way I can take him anywhere. We finally have the water heater. So all the house needs are met but I do not like the color of the paint on the house. Yuk. I have to live with it. Wendy Yvette Greenwell November 26, 2014

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Welcome To: “In Presence of,”

My trees are no longer here. I took lots of photo's of them.
Jesus Christ Gave Me All My Times In Presence of Spirit

“You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Thank You, for stopping by. These writings are my conversations with the Lord. When all my world came tumbling down, Jesus Christ gave me, all my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” So Yes, I have treasured them, they are all, unique to me. I have always wanted to share them, with anyone, that want’s to read them.

Thank You, for reading, my writings.

    I know, I should have, could have, would have, made it simple to put together.  I did not pay attention, “literally” to the fine detail, the words were there. Now to this final episode of my writing, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    It is not a secret anymore. It is all for, Jesus Christ; The Lord is the only reason for my existence because, without the Lord, I was so full of internal pain.

Within the Spirit of The Presence,

    I gained an insight, that has to be shared with the World. I do not care what anyone says, or does not say, for that matter.

    To date: 88 hours of readers, reading, my writings. From the first of December to the 15th of December, and you know, who you are. Thank you for reading my precious moments, “In Presence of Spirit with the Lord.”

    19,554 views. for December so far. 396,161 + 13,189 for last December 13-31 = 409,350 + 508,289 same writings. So my writings have been read or viewed, 917,639 times. The writings, of “In Presence of Spirit,” are 82,361 views, away from a million.

I once again, am out here, all by myself.

    Only with the will of my Father, who is in heaven. Always having to, “look past myself,” and share these writings, with you. It is in The Lord’s hands. I am following through with evolving,  every writing, I have Published, on My Website.

    This is my calling; it has been for a long time. The messages are in the writings. The prayers, the verses, the praises, the poems are in the heavens, and they are in my heart. They are all blessed with, The Holy Spirit’s Presence, in: “In Presence of Spirit,”  every extension.

It is, The Holy Spirit’s, Presence of Spirit,

that has brought this massive manuscript, a little closer, to where it will find, the ones, that are in distress, lost, searching and not finding, some respite.

Maybe you do not see it, the way I do.

All I know, it was placed in my heart, to share, to anyone, who is searching, and not finding, who they are looking for. In a spiritual context. Not as per, a person. It has taken me a year, to write a greeting. Sorry, it took so long.  Welcome once again to, “You are and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations With The Lord.” Wendy Yvette Greenwell December 16, 2014, 

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SUNDAY 11:41 P.M.

At The Ranch, where we grew up.

Clouds surrounding the Moon
Break it down, To anyone, who will ever read, “In Presence of Spirit’s,” “Writings”

Lord Jesus, In Your name, I Plead The Blood of Blessings On Mankind, as a Whole Undivided Nation, Under God. 

Show me, to the answers, of the next adventure in, “In Presence of Spirit,” land.

The land, from the darkest corner, of my heart.

    To the light, so shining in, “In Presence of Spirit.” Too You, with a gift of love, from and through, The Holy Spirit, that is ministering, to your soul.

    Christopher and Wendy, together for, The Grand Finale: “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” 2005 Writings. Lord Bless, their trip, guide them, on Your Wings of Glory. Protect them on their voyage of resolution. I can not deal with it, Lord.

    I am one within the writings, Your comfort, brought, through to me, in the prayer, to him, through You, from You Lord, and I, To The World. Break it down, To anyone, who will ever read, “In Presence of Spirit’s,” “Writings” July 13, 2014

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What am I doing?

Every Step Is A Process

I am going through the writings again. Fixing them and updating them, for my very own sitemaps. I installed a plugin, and it does the rest. So of course, I am re-reading everything. They all hit home. The home where our hearts are, where the Lord is, to make our darkness bright.

I will not deny,

    That I have a Spiritual Connection with Our Father, which art in heaven. God gave us through his Son, Jesus Christ. The Son of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, The Holy Trinity.

    The Lord, is here, in all the pages of,  “In Presence of Spirit’s,” extensions, each one with their own identity. Being a twin, well, and always being called twin, hello. Then is then, and now is now. One of these days, we are going to get a DNA test to see, which kind of twins we are, too funny huh, we could be just sisters or identical twins. 

I tell you, it is weird, with just me, and all my writings.

    Just me out here on the Internet, all alone in the great big freeway, to the heavens. Seriously, how can I blurt out, to the whole World, all these writings, that I have written? 

    I know my writings are not gibberish. They are praises, and prayers, To Our Father in Heaven. They are given me to share. I feel that this is my tithe, seriously, I am sharing my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” because that is precise, what they are. 

    I have no backup, no one, no how, I am the only one. So it is impossible for me to figure it all out. So In Jesus Christ’s name. Lord I leave, in Your amazing hands. I have done the job that you gave me to do.

I poured my heart, and soul out to You Lord.

    I gave you my love, admiration because I Truly Felt Your Presence in Spirit, You took that gut-wrenching pain, right out of my soul, and gave me room to breathe, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    I Love You, Jesus Christ. Your Holy Spirit ignited the light in my soul, You unwrapped treasures of everlasting peace, in Your Arms of Mercy.

    You Opened Up the Windows of Heaven, and Rained Down Heavenly Manna of the Presence in Spirit, through a sinner from darkness to the light.

    It is all captured in the writings of, “In Presence of,” “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.”

I remember all the writings.

    Sometimes I feel who am I,  but I know that it is for, Your Purpose, that I keep, Publishing my conversations with You Lord, to Share, with the World, in Your Presence. 

    No one, leaving,  “In Presence of Spirit,” will forget the essence of  Spirit, guiding the journey to full fruition. Every step is a process; it is incredible that the writings of 1996 are so prevalent to what is going on right here, and right now. 

I am where I always wanted to be.

    Weird now, this is weird, because of me, me, me. Na!  I reached out and touched, “In Presence of Spirit,” and it stayed with me, and it gave me peace amid the conditions of everyone who is suffering. I just wanted to do the part that was given to me to do, even though some think impossible.

    It is done through Jesus Christ from “God The Father of All Man Kind.” Even in my seeming unworthiness,  I am still loved, and given this gift, to share with the World. 

    I prayed for, The Lord to rescue me, of my inner turmoil of no meaning. He gave me meaning in view, a way to escape for some R and R,  “In Presence of Spirit,” exactly what the doctor ordered. 

    I would not have made it this far, without all my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” All to myself for many years. Always knowing, one day, I am going to share my writings. It is going on three years, I have been on the Internet with my blogs and then my Website. 

    As for my blogs, they are drafted because everything is over here.  I do not want to delete them,  so there, they sit, precisely the way I left them. 

    So with all of this, my writings are being read, or looked at. Thank you so much for reading the writings of, “In Presence of” God Bless Everyone With the Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, in and through, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. May you find what you are looking for, in “In Presence of Spirit” Wendy Yvette Greenwell September 19, 2014

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AUGUST 11, 2014

Lord forgive me,

It Is For Your Purpose, That I Boldly Go, Where I Have Never Been Before

for my trespasses and my debts. Well, I am almost, paid in full(?) My Joining You, “In Presence of Spirit,” has sparked the light of love, in the hearts, the writings, have touched.

It is for, Your Purpose, that I boldly go where I have never been before.

I sure did not dream this up, it was written, while I was awake, in spirit. Right now, I would like, to be awakened, in the light of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

August 25, 2014,

But I keep getting further and further. I have worked on these writings, so much that I am weary.  I am running on empty, I want to break down, and I can not.

So many beautiful writings.

    Am I missing, the point?  I can not, and will not be embarrassed, of my writings. Except for the emphasis, on the husband of my youth. I want to take it out, but all the writings of 2005, have their purpose.  He is a tiny part, of the vastness, of the writings. The conversations, I am having with the Lord, are not just, to him. Through the letters, came the writings of, 2005.

    There is so much more, to all, of it. I am overwhelmed, with all of it. The three grown adults with eleven Grandchildren, one in heaven. Two on the way. Newest born August 22, 2014

Gees, I mean, where is, The Foundation for Adult Cerebral Palsy?

    The roof and ceiling are fixed now. Then the water heater went out, along with the ceiling, coming down in the restroom. I have two dead trees, big trees, one is laying down in the yard, and the other one has been dead over a year and is still standing. The live one blew over from the high winds. What if a hurricane comes?

    Sitting here, with no Insurance, on the house, there was insurance on the house, because the Mortgage Company will not send the money, he got from the claim. Paid $5000 on the roof, and they are keeping, the rest of the money, for what? There is money to fix, these issues, and they are, procrastinating.

    To top, all of it off, my teeth are hurting, and I am not going to Mexico, to fix them, no way. This month is the lowest, count month; I am stuck, I am not procrastinating, I am literally, stuck on what to do, with all of it.

It is at 271,096 since, December 13, 2013.

    If you look at it, from the vastness, of the Earth, it is a drop, in a bucket.  Organizations say, do not give up.  I have not, but nineteen years is nineteen years.

I am out here, in the heart and soul of the internet, and the site needs verification.

From all the search engines, I did not get, any physical help, on this project. It is all me, and I am tired, tired of not knowing why? Not even an Amen! Hello! Good Bye! Wendy Yvette Greenwell Not forever. Just for a time.

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