JUNE 16, 2012

The ex-husband is here again.

Phone, Camera, Flash
My love is poured out in the writings; I share one on one with the Lord.

    He still feels part of our lives even though he is on the outside and has helped only a few times. It was all a game that he did not win. Even though I only wanted my maiden name back and that is precisely what I got. In a world without God, I would be resentful, but my World is with God even though I go through bumps in the road. OK!

    My love is poured out in the writings, I share one on one with the Lord. I can say that in real-time because every writing is verified, “In Presence of Spirit,” The Holy Spirit, and Wendy in writing all that I have. Through The Spirit of Love, and Comfort, in the hands of Jesus Christ are my writings, In Spirit with The Holy Spirit. Wendy Yvette Greenwell June 16, 2012

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