JUNE 19, 2014

You alone walked me, through the fire.

Lord Guide Me Out Of Darkness

I have no fight left again “Oh Jesus I am scared please bring The Holy Comforter down,” and let’s take action for the wages of sin is death. But life is granted, In Your Resurrection to Life Eternal, In You.

The Remission of The World, through One Portal. Through Your Birth, Your Life, Your Ministry, Your Death, Your Resurrection to Life Eternal, is You. The Only Way, To The Kingdom of Heaven, Within.

    We Will Overcome. I will overcome these massive obstacles, in my way. Lord guide me, out of darkness, into the light of, Your Ever Presence. My way Lord, is not working. I have issues that need to be resolved, and I have not put them, in Your Hands.

I have been working a lot on the writings, 210,200 views.

    All beautiful writings, In Spirit, with You. I registered the name, and I got a tax ID. I do not know, what I am supposed to do with it? I do not have anything for sale. Just to share, although material, I have 200 books in plastic, that I could purchase 2001 – 2002 copies, originals, only five hundred were made.

    After all the promotion, I have given it, the last three years. To go from 57,000 on both blogs November 2013 to 508,271,  starting at 0 on December 13, 2013 and now June 19, 2014,  210,730 views = 719,001 page views.

Oh Lord, I am not satisfied. I know, it is a lot of views but,

there are millions, billions of people, who could have, sometimes, In the Presence of Your Spirit with Wendy, from You. The Holy Comforter, left for Us, to be ministered to, in private, then blasted out to, The World.

    “In Presence of Spirit,” is from You, Jesus Christ with, All Your Love and Guidance. Directing Me to a Blog, nonetheless. Weblog, Writings, I do not understand, why they would take it for their profit. It took me, twenty-seven years, to Register my, “In Presence of Spirit.” With The County Hello, How can I be a business?

You know, my site or my computer is almost at capacity. I am, at an all-time, low. 

    Oh Lord, I need You. Forgive Me, for not giving all this, to You. I am caught in a rut, isolated myself, for many years. Oh Lord, what I have written, with You, is not showing, in my life.

    “I rebuke you Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ.” I will go to Church and pray, and You will guide us, My Children, Grandchildren going on thirteen, and Husband of my youth, to the answers.

I Love You, Jesus.

    Thirty Countries Lord, just in fourteen days, since I put, Statistics. Lord bring Your Love down, on all the hearts, that are searching, for You, right here, right now. Touch their Spirit, with Your Presence. Ignite the light, of You, in their hearts.

    Bring forth, The Power of The Universe. In Your Hands of Mercy. Bring gladness, to hearts. You are the end, to their pain. You are thee, that lights the light, of You, in my soul.

    I am in need, of restoration. The years have caught up. I need You, Jesus. I need You, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. I need, The Holy Trinity, to sweep the Nations, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Jesus, the writings, are so, “In Presence of Spirit,” with You.

Your Presence is felt. I can not believe, You gave Me, all this to share, even in my condition. You never told Me, not to share it.

    I knew I was going to write it before I started it. I knew You were guiding me, right to the next writing, and of course to Publication, and here I am, in the middle of it. Still ultimately, physically by myself, in this pouring out, Wendy’s, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

    Help Me Lord, in Your Sweet Mercies. Guide me, out of darkness, into the light, of Your Great Power Calling. Thank You for all My times, “In Presence of Spirit,” with You. I Love You, With One Heart to Heal. Wendy Yvette Greenwell, June 19, 2014

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