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400 Published To Me, Wow

    To me, Wow! I did my part for four hundred writings. Now Lord what am I suppose to do? I have an idea. I have already started it, “Walking Into The Light,” “Revelation,” and finally, “Truth Is An Opening – To The Heavens.” I changed the name from “Someone said at the end.”

    Well, it has been an event filled trip for me, Publishing the extensions ofMy very own, “In Presence of Spirit.com.” Physically all by myself. So I am still leaving a lot out. 

I am going to continue to write the events as they happened.

    Meaning my writings, for the most part, are going to be in order. From the beginning to the end.

I saw a different Glaucoma Specialist a couple of days ago.

    As I have stated, STRESS. 38 days with an 11-month-old now and an almost-three-year-old, plus nine people in the house. July 3, 2015, to August 10, 2015. Among everything else, but the most important is:

    My twin is going in for back surgery, Major Back Surgery, next Tuesday. I can not be there. Our brother is flying in on Monday; he is going to stay with her and her husband for 16 days. The Doctor told her husband that he had done thousands of these surgeries. I am worried.

Oh Lord in the name of The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, guide the Surgeon’s hands to precise fusion,

“cause that is what they are going to do. Her spine has been slipping for years. She has seven disk bulge, and her neck is worse than her back, they tell her.

    She has suffered 13 years in Chronic Pain with a little help, but not much, prescriptions. It goes like this, she has her pain, I have my pain, and I can see Richard’s illness, every time I look at him. But he does not complain. He has been in pain for 72 years. Cerebral Palsy, if this is the first one you are reading.

Oh Lord in your name Jesus Christ, let this be the answer, to her prayers.

    Calm her spirit; she is worried, Lord. The means will be shown, for Me, to take care of her. Of course with Richard and the two dogs. She took care of me with my Hysterectomy. I am thankful that our brother is going to be with her and her husband.

    To get back to the results of my eyes. My regular Glaucoma Specialist was not there. I saw a new one. My right pupil is atrophied, It was dilated while I had a Glaucoma Attack with 57 pressure, years ago.

The only good sign, my eyes are Okay, is the Optic Nerve is holding its own, but I might have to change medicine if my pressure does not calm down.

Oh, my Son freaked out the day before I went to the eye Dr.

I am going to share my right eye with you, here because I can. ( I guess I took the eye off.)

  • My pupil is always like this; It was blind for six days, poor sight, the black thing at 11 o’clock is the laser treatment. It is a hole in my eye, and you can almost see the cataract.
  • My Son freaked out, so he took this picture. My pressure was high probably higher than 17. I put my medicine in. And when it burns like fire, I feel like the medication did its job.  It is two chemicals, I have to put in my eyes every 12 hours. I am thankful for them.
  • I confused my writing, so I am going to go ahead and close for now. Thank you for visiting inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell August 15, 2015

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