Jesus Christ, “In Presence of Spirit,” and “Conversations with the Lord,” is our work of art.

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Thank You, Jesus, for The Inspiration, and The Will to Share Your Love, To The World.

    Thank You, Jesus, for The Inspiration, and The Will to Share Your Love, To The World. I can not draw, or paint, but the words you put in my heart, to describe our love affair of your heart, mind, and soul, in the spiritual awareness of time, space, and significant reason, are overflowing with joy in my heart because I am going to complete my job for you.

First, Jesus Christ and from you to the World,

    Thank You for everything. You are awesome. You are incredible. You are my night and Shining Armor. You are the one and only ruler of our souls.

    You are my life. My love. My reason for living still. I fall at your feet again with a holy kiss of love. To embrace the perfection of freedom from damnation, through You Christ Jesus.

    Our pain subsides, and we can breathe, the passion of Your Words, through the Prophets, through researching, your heart, mind, soul, through Jesus Christ, it is so much fun.

There is meaning in my life.

    The true meaning of every word from You Lord, the passion comes from within, my eternal house with You, The Angels, all who have been before, all waiting to be let free, in liberty, and justice for all. Through Your Hands, from mine.

    I was the only one in the World that could write, “In Presence of Spirit.” Thank You for the internal purification. Thank You for every single word I wrote, sorry for the punctuation.

Thank You for understanding.

    Thank You for the sight which transpired into The Love of Christ’s Vision, For Our World Reunion. Jesus Christ, I am not anonymous anymore.

    I still can not pray outside of myself. You brought it inside me. Thank You, Jesus. Know one still believes. R.H. and me, only two, that know this excellent experience, from beyond the dead to life in Christ, is so awesome.

Thank You for the husband of my youth, even though we are not together,

and even if he did not care about me in all his actions. I know we had to split. He did love me in his way but not, Your Way Lord Jesus.

    I need major healing. Major research. Significant isolation to the innermost part of my soul. You brought your words alive, through me, and for that I am grateful.

Thank You, Jesus Christ, for The Inspiration, and The Will to Share Your Love, To The World.

He is going to share, I know he is. You are in him and he in you, his letters prove this to be true. Can not fake the Lord’s Mercy. Thank You for hearing all our prayers and personally my own. I can say that.

    It is going to be my second grandsons birthday, three years old. Thank you for my 6 grandchildren, my grown children. Lord Jesus, protect the husband of my youth. Oh Lord protect him and everyone else. September 15, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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