To All The Super Beings of Existence!

Love it, gorgeous, the colors, beautiful capture
In the clarity of, The Oneness of Christ, in every one of us.

In the clarity of, The Oneness of Christ, in every one of us. I Come to You, “In Presence of Spirit.” I Am One, Within The Universe! I lift the light of Forgiveness for Eternity’s sake.

I cast down all the negative

of my life’s experience into the depths of The Earth and filtrate it in, The Light of Forgiveness from The One Source of God Eternal in everyone.

    I have a lot of work ahead of me in the physical. I am so tired of the same ole. I am a little restless. I feel I want a ten-day vacation for all fifteen years I have been caring for Richard. On my own, a spontaneous trip out of Dodge.

I am sitting outside with my trees and plants.

    I did some major work on this side of the yard today. The Sun moved on, and I can come out earlier. It is cooler under these trees of mine and Mother Earth. Thank you for taking care of them, when I could not force myself to.

My writings are beautiful to me.

    I did it for Me, Myself, and I: Each one of us is Me, Myself and I. So I Am, In the, “I Am Presence,” Universally Entwined. “In Presence of Spirit,” In Eternity! Right here! Right now! Forever in Eternity. I understand it is the present tense, so it makes it omnipresent, not just for myself, but for everyone all at once. I believe this in my heart to be true.

To The One True Source of Existence,

and All The Angels, Arch Angels, Guardian Angels, and everyone else, what I have in my writings is the Truth, From God through Jesus Christ and All Mankind.

    Be that here, there, and everywhere. Things that are, that we can not see. Widen my perception again. I want to be free in the Eternal Presence in Spirit, for all to come home to the kingdom of heaven within.

You are,

“In Presence of Spirit,” with me in Eternity. Anytime, whenever it is read. From The Grace of God Our Father who is the One Source of all Creation!

    I Love You God The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thank you for Your Eternity within the inner chamber of all our Souls. Bless to everyone who is searching for their One True Love. September 24, 2016

    September 28, 2016 My twin is on her way down, and in a few days, we will be San Antonio bound, Thank you Lord. I did not mean to be stingy about a time for myself. Someday!

    We left on October 3, 2016, came back the 31st to pay bills, then went back until November 22, 2016, for Thanksgiving here at the house My Dad and his wife, my brother, my sisters, my two girls and about seven of the grandchildren. Daddy had not seen them in years. Then the day after Thanksgiving My twin and I took off to the Arroyo for five days. My children, they are in their 30’s took care of Richard.

    We went back to San Antonio until December 23, 2016, three months of traveling. Got it out of my system. Happy to be home. Another baby on the way, in weeks. January 1, 2019, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter, she was born at 11:55 pm January 1, 1986. Wendy

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Hi, I am so going to let you have it in all directions.

Special Photo through my trees
I am getting ready for a long-awaited trip out of dodge

Inside, outside, roundabout. I am getting ready for a long-awaited trip out of dodge. My friend Richard is 66 years that was stricken with Cerebral Palsy at birth. I take care of him, and he has taken care of the whole bunch of us. (My children and grandchildren) We are best friends, for ten years.

    He is the only one that knows the whole incredible trip in spirit on paper that I have been on. He believes in what I have been blessed with.

My Book is paperback

Copyright ©2001-2002 by Wendy Greenwell ISBN#0-8059-5471-6 83 pages, short compared to now. There are one hundred forty-four writings in the book. In the complete text, there are over seven hundred writings.

    It is not an autobiography. It is conversations with the Lord. It is non-denominational. It is Spirit Filled Words of healing for humanity to find the kingdom of heaven within. There you shall knock, and the door is already opened.

It is, “In Presence of Spirit,” that I pursue this solitary journey,

not caring what anyone would say on the contrary. It is in Spirit that I have been given a gift to write. I cannot write fiction there is enough fake out there.

    Bring it home. Bring the kingdom of God coming through the clouds of His Glory. My book cover, my vision, waterfall with mountains, trees, and water.

    Okay, one of your questions has the answer at the end. The underlined is the writing. I take the negative out and only put in the book, the presence of spirit. Now you know first hand from your original letter and writing that I write in the flesh-I also write in Spirit.

I so much would rather stay, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    There are so many distractions of many sorts, I have spurts, but they are positive spurts of encouraging words in the passion of His Ever Presence. I believe that it will ignite the light in a multitude of souls. As stated: I think it is meant to be.

    What it is to some, is incomprehensible, but when the time is ripe, you will have full awareness, and understanding. This book, me and all my writings are not Religion. For the most part, I believe them to be Spiritual.

There is a big difference between my two types of writing.

    I guess it could be, the negative, and the positive, even though I cannot see it. The book is from darkness to light. The day in, day out, words that came to be the extensions of, “In Presence of Spirit.” They are unique in so many ways. They are a channel; they are the bridge. Every writing is a message of hope, love, forgiveness, of courage, patience, and wisdom.

    They are touched by The Holy Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Even if you do not feel it, yet. do you remember the song, “Our Day Will Come, and we will have everything, will share the joy…”  My joy is in the writings. It is obvious; I have to share to receive. It took me a while to figure it out.

    A door will open. Now you know what I want. You acknowledged that it is attainable. You just have not pursued it, yet. Read in between the lines. Scratch that need from your heart and soul. That place you feel in need of His Eternal Presence. You know you have thought about it.

My writings do give you glimpses of the negative and a whole lot of prayer for everyone, not just myself.

It is waking up out of a darkened eternity. From here to there. From negative to positive. From without to within. From here to Eternity. In His hands, I rest my case.

    I can not sum it up in a few words. The letter to you that turned into writing in spirit, then back again to the same. Love with one heart to heal through Jesus Christ who strengthens us even though we do not know it. I cannot feel it. I cannot see it. June 4, 2009

    I am asking Jesus Christ to show me what You want me to do? In all areas of my life. I want to pray in significance. Straighten up my life. Bring my manuscript on paper even with the few errors it has. 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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The Wendy Foundation:

Front yard Sunset
To You, who sent me, out of darkness,

Helping those who can not get help from State and or Government or City, for that matter. Helping those in need of His Presence. No matter what the circumstance is. God is a forgiving God.

    Society does not rule. Jesus Christ Rules. He is here to bring you home, in all your heart’s soul to the oneness of truth. To bring healing waters of Divine Perfection, to cleanse the cobwebs of misconception. To put the past to rest, and change History.

Do it, His way, not my way.

   The Holy Spirit’s way is the right way, my way, I am lost. With, I am not alone. Without, I am searching. All my why’s have been answered. I am submitting for Publication, just days away. May 10, 2009

To The Lord:

Our, “In Presence of Spirit,” is my desire for humankind to come inside, To the Christ within  everyone. God will cleanse the cobwebs of discontent, of each one of our real inheritance. Which is from God through Jesus Christ, in the awakening of everyone’s soul. To the oneness of truth, that is only through, the redemption of sin, to the kingdom of heaven within every soul in the World.

To You, who sent me, out of darkness,

into the ever-present light of Yours and my, “In Presence of Spirit.” You shared it with me; now I am fixing to share on a different level, than ever before. This part is complete and ready for Publication. May 29, 2009

I am, In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.

    It is not a man; I am looking for. It is, “In Presence of Spirit,” to be joined in union with our dear heavenly Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus. Our conversations are enlightening. They are a breath of fresh air. They are omnipotent, and omnipresent, to the light so shining through my writings. Even though to date, I am the only one who knows the vastness of this remarkable journey, I have been on.

    “I am saying right now:” I do not care what anyone in the World would say. His will is done through me. Entirely completing the goal which is prescribed in, “In Presence of Spirit,” the first writing. I can not imagine doing this all over again. I did not put an end to my book.

My books are a living, breathing, capable of freeing,

The multitudes of their bondage, and bringing into subjection, The armor of Jesus Christ blessed with the Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost which lives in Us.

    Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door to your heart will be opened, and you will be in the eternal internal purification, in the Spirit, through the Spirit, round about the Glory of You Jesus Christ, in Your infinity. Yours forever in the Lord Amen.

    Jesus Christ in Your Presence of Spirit. I am begging for a way out of this madness that has taken over our lives. Jesus, I am drained. The trees are absolutely beautiful. The plants are all my babies, I have had for many years. Wendy Yvette Greenwell OMG, I can not believe I wrote like this. There are no foundations, just my writings, stating over the top of my head. Got to still leave it on-line.

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