It would be nice to write long writing, but I guess it is not meant to be.

Time Is Passing By So Fast

I am a forty-seven-year-old, Divorced, twelve years. He had the children twenty-three months. I have had them minus, twenty-three months, of their lives and they are already, twenty-five, twenty-three, and twenty-one, with six Grandchildren, one in heaven, four live here and one with the other Grandmother. And Richard is sixty-five, he has cerebral palsy and is very frail. We have been friends, nine years.

    Help Lord, I need to know what’s up, because time is passing by to fast, and the World, is out of control. Bring down the Holy Spirit. Ignite The Light of You, in The Depths of Everyone’s Soul. 

    Oh Jesus, how am I, going to do this. Finish this off by myself? I need a helpmate. No Lord, I do not need, an outsider. I can do it, with You and Me and Richard third party, it is verified. He believes, in all, Our Writings, Lord. December 1, 2007, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

  ©2007-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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