OK, I have a lot of work to do.

OK I Have A Lot of Work To Do

But all the while, I have been working, in heart and spirit, with my seventh take transition, from mind to heart. April 30, 1995. My Baptism May 7th, 1995, my deliverance on, February 9, 1996. At that point, 2/10/96 My birthday. I went to San Antonio. Thank You, Lord. February 20, 1996 Divorce, (I got my maiden name back. ) 24th Abusive Language charges on me from the other women. (I did not get charged.)

     All my writings, in the last year and a half, have been sheathing effects, of the abominations, of all society, but personally my own. Everyone for himself, take it to the limit. Fight cheat and steal, someone from their rightful place, in truth. It is going, to take a lot, of love. Not to worry. No obstructions, in the way. Possess It. Accept it. Fight for it, earnestly. The desire is there. The picture, needs, to focus clarity.

    I have gone inside, for a good reason and I have found, Jesus Christ Our Savior. My Personal Savior. Not to be selfish, He is yours also. But for a price, for the asking. Through faith and acceptance, God’s Gift to Us. The Gift, A Relationship with, Our Lord and Savior, Our Comforter, Our Healer, Our Most Holy of Holy. In Jesus I Trust. May 17, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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