Now you know what “Deceit” means

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One’s shame, closes the soul, of understanding and places decision, in someone else’s hands.

    “Deceit plays havoc in people’s lives, but one’s shame, closes the soul, of understanding and places decision, in someone else’s hands, which causes utter destruction.

    Where there is no heart, there is no peace. Where there is no peace, there is contempt, because one always ends up, being the doormat of others, power, and control.

    When taken away, one becomes self again and self-knows the oneness, that is with, and through the regeneration, of an ancient past, of the soul, and it’s a rightful place, in peace, without all outside obstructions. November 29, 1996

Man, this was awesome, with so much deep meaning.

    Me? Huh? Yeah. This is how it came out; it is original, look how much this says. There is no way; you do not understand, it is part of, “In Presence of Spirit,” it is in the book.

    All of them, are my writings, but this one I memorized. Well actually it is for me, so it is part of me, so it is me, with Him, who shares understanding.

I love my book, my writings.

    I am just sorry, I can not read it, in book form. Originals are better. Oh, I am the only one, who can read that, so I do not know, what will make me read it, all the way through, hasn’t it been long enough.

    My God, I blurted out my guts, to a World that was not listening, but nowhere comes Spirit again, to the rescue. Here it is, take it, and run with it — all the way to, The New York Times.

    Here are the writings, (husband of my youth). You, “I am thinking about writing a book, Me, “Good” You, “You inspired me,” that’s good,” Me. Then you ask me to pray for you, and you knew what you were’ asking for, exactly what you are going to get. You ended up inspiring me. Thank you.

You should be the first to read your letter’s, writings.

    They are yours, from me to you, with all my heart and soul.  You know, you are loved in Spirit, and you will be guided to that. We always have had it, written on our hearts.

    Relief is for people. Start the internal purification, to the ritual cleansing in the presence of, Our Most Holy Father. Nothing compares to what the Lord, has planned. Perfect timing, all the way around.

My mind is thinking; I have to go with God.

    He is my only real source. I have a lot of stored up energy. I have to boost this off the floor and go on with my life, and my grandchildren, that I take care of. So lots of work to do.

    I needed a starting point! It was put forth, to test my capacity, and drop me, without falling and breaking. That is the strength, through Jesus Christ, in all turmoil’s of our daily lives.

“We are here for a purpose,”

And it will unveil itself. Yes here it comes, here it is, for your enjoyment. I am going to be okay, after such an exceptional experience. I hope you found my letters educational, knowledgeable, every writing goes deeper, hits home.

    Every one of my hundreds of writings is a bull’s eye. Boasting out loud, at this point. Have we verified a connection between, flesh me yuk, to spiritual me? Awe. Ha. August 2005 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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