I believe what God, has given me, through His Son, Jesus Christ.  

My Treasure of Life and Times In Presence of Spirit

It is real and Authentically Entwined, “In Presence of Spirit,” with me and you now. You have been where you are now with me, ever since you picked up my treasure of life and times, “In Presence of Spirit.” The Spirit of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. He left all of us, to find and treasure. 

     Writing, “In Presence of Spirit,” is what I have Mortally done. In the Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. Richard is the only one, to this date, that knows, what I have, in my extended book. “In Presence of Spirit,” is mine, since day one. Eight thousand three hundred ninety-five days, “In Presence of Spirit,” has been part of me, and now you. 

    I want to take off, and I should not. I can not, but oh that I could. I would fly, like an Eagle across, The World and rain, God’s Blessings on Mankind. One Whole Unit, Undivided, Equal Shares, In God’s Great Power Calling. 

    From the inner chamber of my soul. Where dwells there, all the wealth of, “In Presence of Spirit’s,” Presence. That is awe, to me, and to anyone, who will ever read, my private times, “In Presence of Spirit.” It is so close to sharing my writings, I can feel it.

    So, knowing one of these days, I am going to do something spontaneous. Something I have wanted to do since, day one, is to share my, “In Presence of Spirit,” with you. That is all I have wanted to do. That one day is going to get here, any minute, and when it finds, it’s way, into your heart, know this, I loved, with all my heart. September 2, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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