In Jesus Christ Ever Presence.

Jesus Thank You For All The Blessings

Jesus Thank You for all the blessings; You have bestowed on our children and me. Thank You for the shelter. Thank You for the 2,000 credit.

    Thank You for the kitchen table and four chairs. The two sofas. Thank You for the telephone and installation as a successful completion.

    Thank You for my job of $1250.00 a month, plus the bills their Father is paying. Lord Thank You for my Divorce. Thank You for protecting me through the threshold of death.

Thank You for “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Thank You for taking the pain away. Thank You for giving me, my children back. Lord we need; Your guidance, strength, courage, love, knowledge, wisdom. We need a positive approach, even in the midst of war.

Lord are we going to Publish, “In Presence of Spirit,” or is it just for Us?

    “God grant that I may see clearer each minute that passes by Lord.,” for the regeneration needs to take place in mass quantity. No one left out. For all to achieve, that which is our birthright, from God through Jesus Christ, to the scattered sheep.

In Jesus Christ, I am me.

    Right now I am overwhelmed, with all that is discoursing. I am concerned so, In Jesus Christ Name: I put all these human things in Your Spiritual Hands. I can not do anything without You Lord.

So I place the children/teenagers and I, in Your care for protection,

courage, love, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, fortitude, complete acceptance, unconditional love, hope, strength, guidance, endurance, for the greater is so much then, the weaker, and I can do nothing without You.

In Jesus’ blood of blessings.

Thank You, Father God, my soul dwells with thee. February 20, 1998, Happy 2nd Anniversary of Divorce. Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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