I am a sinner.

Question from him, “What is in it for me?” “What do I get out of it?

I wrote a masterpiece, and I am going to share it with the World. March 28, 2000, What is the message?  My cousin by marriage, asked, having read some pages, not sure, how many? Only Jesus knows and him. Talked over Total Immersion. Needed to understand, to be given the gifts, that are granted through, “The Unveiling of The Christ Within.”

To me, the message is self-explanatory.

    Even though I am in life’s collision stages, I have to complete and submit so that I can go on with my life. It is done, I need not write anymore.

    Question from him, “What is in it for me?” “What do I get out of it? You said, “you could tell when I was writing and when Spirit guided through the writings.” Statements of truth, not my truths. The answers that are given in, Total Salvation, Baptism, Total Immersion, Deliverance.

    The Sweet Redemption through Christ Jesus from God. It can be achieved for every individual, to find the kingdom of heaven, is within. Where dwells Our Christ Jesus in His Infinite Glory. It is the gift, everything follows after. July 1, 2000

Writings from my heart

    “In Presence of Spirit,” A Journey from darkness to the light. A song, a praise, a verse, a prayer, a poem, to you with love Wendy September 25, 2000

Last Draft

    I completed the last draft of, “In Presence of Spirit.” to date 1996 is done, all I have is 1997, the rest later. Order, first things first. October 25, 2000

    I am in the midst of destruction again. I am tired still. The plague has consumed me to the point of desperation. I have to make this stand now, for all concerned.

    Lord make thy path shown, please. I Love You in the midst of the abominations of desolation, yet again. I am jumping, all I can do right now. Signed this day November 20, 2000

Is it to be Published by Dorrance?

    Will see the unveiling of God’s plan. It is with the Holy Spirit. Dedicated to The Holy Spirit, in the Spirit. We are the ones to heal the World through Jesus Christ.

    What to do? Everything? It has to all come together. It will come to the point of no return, soon. Everything will be available because we will overcome this evil obstacle. That cannot win over, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Sent from God The Father of all. November 27, 2000

Simple Prayer

Lord help bring my children out of danger. Lead us into thy kingdom, from darkness to light, through You. Help Lord. December 14, 2000, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.