Someone or a whole Country is messing with my site.

Golden Sunset, from the front yard
To me, my writings are beautiful

I know over 1000 different IP addresses from the same Country. I cannot block every IP address. And the Security System I installed in the wee hours of the morning, locked me out of my Site.

Isn’t it enough that I am sharing with anyone, who wants to read them.

    Why are you trying to break into my admin? What do you have to gain, by breaking into my site? There is nothing; I can not sale on my website. So that means that I have SSL/https, which is suppose to be secured, not just for me but for whoever comes to my site.

So what is it, that you are trying to do?

   Over a thousand IP addresses in your Country. I mean come on, you messed up my Stats, 1519 visitors and 15,330 views, yeah right. Most are from your Country, and you know who I am talking about.

I want to say, what is in it for you?

    What do you have to gain by breaking into my admin? Are you going to steal my writings? Do you want to break my site? Do you want to engulf it, with so many views that do not count?

    I have to wait until 7:20 am to get my hosting Stats. Then I will know the truth. I tell you what you have done. You have made me uncomfortable.

To me my writings are beautiful.

    No one has tried to say anything about it. No comment. No communication even with my 718 subscribers, something like that.

    But last night, there was the activity with the subscribes signing in. But I cannot see that anymore. Because a year’s worth of data was deleted, when I put that Security System on, and I could not retrieve it. I had to let it go. I loved my Wass Up Plugin.

I am going through the empty nest syndrome.

My prayers came true pretty fast. That is from July 18, 2015 writing. Everyone on their own, and two of them are already in their thirties. So I am 55. You’re messing with an old lady. That has put up with enough. So please if you want to read it, read it. If you’re going to steal it, WHY? I have been hurt enough. Wendy Yvette Greenwell September 6, 2015, I am Publishing as is.

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