OK, I am in over my head.

Beautiful Mountains, East Coast, maybe
Show me the way out of my affliction.

    I have hit rock bottom again. I need to repeat for reaffirmation to someone the right one. I know where to go from here, but I got to go to people and spill the beans, all over the table. I need help, Jesus! Who do I go to? What am I suppose to say? Who is going to understand, what dilemma, I am in, and me, lousy shape! Not just in physical. So what am I to do?

Show me the way out of my affliction.

    In the light of Your Ever Present Love, let me understand what has be-failed me and walk out into the answer. Forgive me my iniquities.

    Lord bring me to where I need to be, so I can do Your Will, whatever that may be. I have some ideas, but they are sparks of light, and then out they go. Help me stand firm in my conviction even though I am behind in the times. I know it is engraved in my heart. That needs the spark to “ignite the light that is Yours, in my heart.

I feel the need for speed.

    But don’t make me do anything to fast. Lord help me to financial independence so that I can survive the rough times, so I do not have to go out there, Lord.

    Lord forgive me for my sins. Jesus Christ We started this; We have to see it through. I poured out what The Holy Spirit, led me to write. I could not have written without Spirit. We will overcome this burden that has be-failed my entire Family, and the Families in the World.

Reach out and touch, Christ’s hands.

    He is the only one, who can make this a better place if left in His Hands. Lord have mercy on us all. Christ has compassion on us all, God has mercy on us all, “as it was, in the beginning, is now and ever shall be the world, without end.”

    The Spiritual Universe, where lies Our True Selves, with no doubts, with the all-knowing, All-Powerful, Wisdom of Our Holy Father’s Spirit, to the unveiling of, Our Christ within, to cleanse, and to put right, what has been done, so wrong.

To give peace to the multitudes, and light, to their eyes.

    To bring joy, where all there’s been is sorrow. Lord Jesus Christ fill Our hearts with The Ever Presence of Your Spirit. Ignite The Passion of Christ, in every soul, in The Universe, that ever was, that is, that ever, will be.

    For You Jesus Christ, for Giving Yourself for, All of Us, Every one of Us. No that is not my job. Lord, I give You my entire burden, and You know the responsibility that lays on my mind, heart, and soul. The day to day drama, with hot sauce.

Jesus Christ, in Your Blood of Blessings.

    Let the People hear about, “In Presence of Spirit.” It is waiting to be let free. Lord help me with R.H. and my family, even though they are of age, they still need me. But it is so hard to be there, drama and more drama. I can not take the screaming, name calling anymore. Help the husband of my youth, win the Lotto, so he can pay the child support or something.

    You know, Jesus. I am so sorry he made a mess of things. That is sad, he had such high expectation, we should not have, but we did. get married. Forgive me, the husband of my youth, for my insecurity, and my reason, I had a reason not to trust you. It was destined to happen. our divorce.

    Take hold of my hand Jesus Christ and let us do Your Will. You know what that is. I in my memory banks somewhere know the desire of Your Ever Presence. I am just kind of functioning not properly right now. I am burnt out. So where do we go from here? I can not go any lower. Oh, Jesus Christ help me find, Your Way, again. November 16, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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