Putting all past behind and being in the ever-present sphere of time.

My Writings Are In Spirit

I have put my children, my hope, my guidance, my ex-husband and his wife, my love, my life, my belongings which are few in God’s hands.

 My writings are in Spirit. I have accomplished and set goals, that was prescribed to me in Spirit. My total abandonment is of the truth, was a capturing of my worthiness in Spirit, for all to achieve a greater understanding.

     Lies all the Lies have been uncovered, and the truth is in Our hands. The outer and inner muck of the abominations, from sin to forgiveness. Can be achieved in the transition, through Christ.

    It can be achieved; for simplicity but is complicated, if not channeled through the Spirit. In the oneness of Christ, and Our Father of All. Through Christ’ Revelation: We are entwined in Spirit to the truth. When there is no life left; spent yourself to utter destruction. To the desolation of our fight, for the why and wherefore art thou’s, for this experience in each life. March 11, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©1997-2022 by Wendy Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.