“In Presence of Spirit,”

Taking Photo's in the rain
I do not take photo’s in the rain anymore.

until the name changed to, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.”

    To me all of it is, “In Presence of Spirit,” forever more. Omnipresent writings, from end to beginning.

    Fourteen years gathering my conversations with the Lord. It is fascinating to me. It always calms my Spirit. The I of me that is not a body, it is who I am, and will ever be in eternity.

    We will meet in spirit. We need a miracle. A miracle from you, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. I know I am not finished. This is to be accomplished.

    This one has to be given the end. To all pain, and suffering, in heart, mind, and soul. Through the love of Christ Jesus, for humanity, and eternity.

    I am ready to Publish. The name has, had a rising number of significant revelations. Adding on to the name changed, and I verified it by stating it. By means of hand written everything. By writing it, and of course by reading it, to Richard piece by piece.

    All verified. I then input the whole thing. It took another five years. It is all worth it. To come to write “In Presence of Spirit,” has been a gift to me first, then to you first.

    I will see the finished manuscript on paper. One of these days, will be that day. I am sending it out soon. I feel it in my internal house, home, being.

    Jesus in your name, I do converse with you, pray, talk, write. I am not pretending to do it. I talk to you Jesus Christ, and you always answer me.

    I guess there was never a better time than now, to complete that which you have given me so graciously.

    It is my treasure house of conversations with you in spirit. I did what I did, and I think still, that it is significant to the fulfillment of my life’s desire and my life’s quest.

    Even in isolation, no transportation for sixteen months. Eyes not able to take the Sun. It is a good thing I planted twenty three trees, they shade the whole house. Then not now.

    What will be, will be. It is what it is. Conversations with the Lord. Who could have thought all this up. Not me, and I am the writer.

    Captured on paper so as to reflect on in Christ Jesus Great Power Calling, through me to you everyone that will find my conversations with the Lord, and read them.

    I said it out loud, “Where do you want me to go from here.” I am going as fast as I possibly can to Publication. Me, myself, and the I of me, that is, “In Presence of Spirit.” I have to. It is the beginning. Wendy

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