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Set A Course For Which I Must Take My Stand

In August, I had another eye migraine, that I could not shake. So my Dad and his wife came to take me, to an Eye Doctor.

I went in with 51 eye pressure; this was the second time, I had been to see him. He says, “you are not having eye migraines,”  “you have narrow-angle glaucoma.”

    So to revert. August 16, 2007, to September 2008 I had seventy glaucoma attacks. And of course they started on August 20, 2005, or around there, it is in the writings.

    I finally gave in and called Manrique. October 14, 2008. I see Doctor M. Garza, she refers me to a Glaucoma Specialist, as soon as possible.

October 17, 2008

My Dad and his wife come back down, to take me to My Specialist. He checks my eyes, and he said, I need the laser ASAP. He gave us a discount and he laser one eye.

    He shot it many times, for every an eye migraine, I thought I was having. Now, this is the situation. I have had seventy major trauma to my eyes and The Emergency Room, El Milagro; I tried to get Indigent denied. I could not work for a year, and I had to suffer because I was not correctly diagnosed until October 14, 2008.

    Now when my book sales, I am going to have the proper means, to accommodate people, like me, that cannot get help, even in complete distress. (a projection only, no funds, hello)

When I am working on the writings, I feel at peace.

    I do freak sometimes because, I am going through, each sentence of the whole book. And from my standpoint, it is big enough now, to close and submit. I still have nine years of writings, to prepare for print. It has to be as close as perfect, as I can get it, from my vantage point.

I have learned quite a bit. Being this, my solo voyage, with Jesus Christ, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    I have always felt that now, is the time. But I was not finished, there was still more, there are so many shows and movies about writers. I am one, but of a different sort. Be that as it may, my writings are, “In Presence of Spirit.” It is Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, who guided me. Set a course, for which I must take my stand.

    From Him, through me, Wendy, To The World, in one heart round about, The Glory of Jesus Christ. The Spiritual Awakening of Everyone’s Soul. To the light, that is shining, through “In Presence of Spirit, to you with love.

I do think, who do I think I am, to be so bold, and say in writing, everything that is written.

    At that time, Richard reminds me that I am an instrument of God’s message. He through me made this my, “In Presence of Spirit,” come alive, for His Purpose and actually, it has always been my purpose, even though, I did not know exactly, how it was all, going to come out and this it has.

    I need to say, I have skeletons, in my closet, and so do you, and everyone. So really, how far does anyone, really have to go, to put down one’s, existence.

    I claim I am a sinner, and I am forgiven. And everything the writings are. I can not sum it up. It is done. “God’s will is done on Earth, as it is in heaven.” I believe, even in poverty, not of the soul. I hate asking for help.

And look where it got me. Closer to losing my eyesight, completely.

How many are out there, suffering severe intense eye pain? Who am I? I do not know but, He who sent me, He knows. So with all of this, I should really go to sleep, and rest my laser eye, for tomorrow, I will continue my journey, from darkness to the light. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, Wow. Time never ending, but standing still. Truly this is the end. Love, with one heart, to heal. Wendy October 18, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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