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Twenty six years,

Night time Photo Shoot in the rain
They are all interesting Photo’s I took

since I started writing the extensions of, In Presence of Spirit, I did not know it then. Complete 26 years, January 1996-2022.

    The site got 2,094 page views yesterday, and today 2,186, adding up to 62,923 page views this year. I have Published 50 writings, I had not read in years.

    The stress in my life got overwhelming, it helped to share my conversations with the Lord, to you. Exciting times. A projection of the oneness in spirit, we all possess.

    I have not felt optimistic in awhile. Even though I am running out of conversations to Publish. I am incorporating Google Analytic back into my website.

    So, I am going to recite by writing, “Faith and Cause,” it was written February 24, 1996. Here it goes.

    “It is better to be subject of ridicule then to be there oneself. For because thou art there, then does not thou mean, that ye listened.

    Oh ye of little faith. For if the wise do speak their truth, then who am I, but the messenger, disguised through glasses, eyes of heavenly dew?

    For it is better to bear the pain. For when the tide rolls in, there be I, with He, who made me whole in his entirety straightway from hell, into his heaven.

    Thanks be to, The Father, Holy art thou, who made the Heavens, and the Earth, for it is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Which has brought us out of the dunghills?

    I have lost man’s way, but in God’s way, I have triumphed. For God, straightway, showed me the way, out of the darkness.

    Through the long tunnel of darkness. I have not been satisfied, with man’s way. God’s way, is greater than you can imagine. He is the life, and light of our souls. He has not forsaken us, we have Him.

    Lord, forgive us, for being, so weak in faith. Bless people, with the ability, to know, that you have been with them, all the while, and stir their spirit.

     Bring a song to their ear, throughout their being. Bring dance, to their bodies, to rejoice, in the movements, of our bodies. Bring gladness, to hearts for sure there is an end to pain. Lord recognize not I, who am writing, but to all the people, who yet are afflicted.” Wendy

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Lord have mercy on the World in it’s entire need.

My Palm Tree is over 30 feet high
Moment by Moment Photo Shots

Stop the pain, stop the decay, stop the utterances of evil, and give Jesus Christ his life ever lasting (replica) of a state we all must attune to.

    Spirit to spirit communication. What more is a brains function? A lot more than we so choose.

    Bring lite to the light of day, through the ever presence of the Holy Spirit. Bring the darkness into the light of the ever lasting presence. The Holy Spirit, ignited the light in my heart.

    Lord, it was you, when the complete acceptance, and abandonment of my own will. The sparks were’ igniting. I could feel it.

    Then came the understanding, reading scripture in the I of me, the prophets, communicated to me through their writings, psalms, epistle’s, letters, and the rest.

    Then the baptism, total immersion, In the name of the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We all have to make it. It is two fold understanding. Wendy

© 2022-2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell


I received a phone call,

Night Photo, no rain
I have several, I will make a gallery

rescheduling the Doctors visit. It is tomorrow morning. 1/12/2022.

    I needed to OPEN up about my present situation. I do not feel, I need to delete it. I am not crying about my long standing commitment, into the twenty first year of living, with a severely crippled man. That is bed bound now.

    I asked the Lord for a friend, he did to. Otherwise he would have been in a Nursing Home at 58. When his Parents went in. Our friendship was meant to be.

    He was the only one I ever read my writings to. Then I read the first one of the New Year, to my sister, not my twin. She said, it is not your ex, I laughed, and said no. Those few sentences, and she said, yes, Publish it. Short and sweet.

    This was a choice I made out of two choices, going into housing, and getting kicked out with my three teens. Or taking Richard up on his offer, He said we would not get evicted.

    My three teenagers, and one grandbaby move in, and then he moved in, a couple of weeks later. He always said he bought it for me, to take care of him, essentially. At the same time I am a home body, so I did not mind not having (an out side this property,) anything. Accept the essentials.

    I have been at home since the first day my kids and I, and one grandbaby moved in. I have 18 grandchildren, one in heaven, one great grandbaby. That means my Dad has 18 great grandchildren, and one great great grandbaby boy. He has met 6, so far.

    I am going to input some prayers I wrote within, the 26 years.

    Colossians 3:2, “Set affections on things above, not on things on earth.”

    Oh Lord, I hope in all these attributes in affirming the positive oneness with the words and inspiration of the Bible.

    That you show me the doors to enter into conscious, subconscious agreement. To come be in the outer world, a productive witness in testimony for you and the ever presence of your majesty.

   Dear Lord in whom we trust. Keep my mouth closed. Know one understands what I have truly conquered through, Christ Jesus.

    Not to make a big deal but it is the biggest present I ever asked for. I have to share. Time is up. I can not procrastinate the inevitable anymore. I wrote a book it is Published.  It has not been read, but by a few.

    I am an identical twin, she has not read it. I want to share, “In Presence of Spirit.” I have always felt the need to share. I am ready to share a gift. It has been so graciously given to me to share. Time in, “In Presence of Spirit. With people who need some spirit up time.

    It calms the spirit, it contemplates, it listens, it relieves, it balances the positive, and tips over the negative. It calls out to the presence of spirit in everyone’s soul. It identifies the difference between flesh verses spirit.

    Spirit is much more soothing. The ailing heart feels the presence in the words that are formed to dialog the conversations with the Lord.

    Lord, has an ever loving presence of spirit, in everyone that ever was, is, and ever, will be. One in presence of spirit in you, with you, beside you, entwined in the ever presence of Your Majesty.

    All in All. All is one in Spirit. Open up to the Christ Spirit within us. Bring inner healing to a oneness in truth for all, in Spirit, it is done. Wendy

© 2022-2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell


The I am of you is forever entwined with the I am of me.

Beautiful yellow flower

Although we are apart in the physical, we are one in spirit.

Why? We all are.

You and me in eternity.

Sailing to the sea of love united, in the heavens, and on Earth.

To you my one true love. I love you until death do us not part. Wendy, Happy New Year! 2022

© 2022-2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell

APRIL 10, 2020

I played out in the rain again.

     The Solar Lights have been working for a year. They are so pretty. I lent my lawnmower out, and I tried to mow yesterday, and it is broken. Yeah, so what did I do, I ate, and went to sleep for three and a half hours.

    To me, I used to be able to write. Now I am trying to write again, but it is not the same. Nothing is the same. My Son is not physically here anymore. I can not see my girls, and all my 18, one in heaven grand children.

    I have deleted people off my Facebook, and blocked others. I am detached from being emotional. It hurts my eyes to cry.

    I have shared hundreds, five hundred and six to be exact conversations, I have had with the Lord. I still believe they are meant to be shared. As for my hobby, taking video’s, and photos at night in the rain. I think they are beautiful.

    All of my writings were’ essentially for me first. Because I needed it desperately. I was never bored while I worked on them. I always new one day I would Publish them. Like actually sharing them without interaction with the people that have, and are reading the writings, and watching the few video’s I have on here. Not minding if anyone in the World thinks I am crazy.

    It is amazing that so much information is on one page, one site, well with me, three domains all forwarded to inpresenceofspirit.com. They all needed to be together. Because I do not know what to do with the other domains. Kind of like a pressure deal. Oh you have one domain you have to get more. Then if you stop paying, someone buys it, and you have lost your name. Well, In Presence of Spirit, is all mine, I have shared it to the World, on this site since December 13, 2013.

    I wrote it, I named it, it has been mine for 32 years. That is three decades and two years. It is mine Wendy, forever, even after I am not here anymore. The extensions have been with me for twenty-four years. I have worked like I did not need the money, all along.

    So with this, protect yourselves from this horrible virus that has caused havoc in all our lives. “Raise your hearts and minds up to the heavens, and bring back the true beautiful aspects of life. Therefore making us open souls to raise to heaven, when God is ready for us. For our Children, for our Families, for our neighbors, and the World.” God Bless The World as one in Spirit, one in the Lord. April 12, 2020, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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