Nowhere to hide, but here in my writing room.

Nowhere To Hide but Here In My Writing Room

     This is a Holy Convocation.
          convocation, 1: a ceremonial assembly, (as of the clergy.) 2. the act of convoking.
          convoke, To call together for a meeting.

A Holy Union. Sharing a Pouring Out of Blessings for Mankind.

I am here for you in loving kindness. I give you encouragement. I have spiritual conversations with you. I have spent my fifteen years, waiting to share my writings.

“When you are ready for me, in the truest love, “fathomable form,”

“I am already here.” Such a giant difference, between flesh and spirit. I need intellectual stimulation and writing you, in presence of the spirit of Jesus Christ, who got us together, in the first place. Never in all my years of writing, have I come across that one person. I could have a fulfilling. Conversation with until you.

To me and The Lord, all the writings of my book, are fulfilling.

It is a vision, that is true already, and will manifest itself. When the Lord, is fully ready, for me, to complete my journey, from darkness to the light, with Him.

He is the only “one true love,” of existence.

Through Him is life “by the gift of accepting Him unconditionally.” I am free to be me, not bogged down.

Remembering always, I am fifty and I am a messenger from the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Know one, not even the Devil, is going to win, this battle. So our relationship, is not made of flesh and blood. By the Spirit of God, He has given us, this friendship. June 12, 2010 Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

© 2010 – 2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.