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Purple Haze Interesting
There is nothing in secret, that will not be revealed,

    I hope you are fine and growing in spiritual knowledge. Your letter is on the way to you. It is a powerful letter, so by the time you get this letter, New York Times will have received my package, which is going to consist of: My Book, “In Presence of Spirit,” your sixteen pages edited writing and ten letters that are still sealed. I am giving them permission to open your letters and read them.

I have the original; these are the edited writings out of your letters.

    You have the originals; the underline is the writing, the other is regular talk, as you can see. There is nothing in secret that will not be revealed, and I was the last to know, it was going to be you, to wake me up.

Thanks, I appreciate you asking me to pray with you.

    I think you know what I am doing, this is called, Wendy is Promoting her Books, “Writings,” both at the same time. Incredible, I think, how about you?

I have had a great time writing again.

    It is so refreshing, it is so spiritual, and the heavens are listening, and they all know what is going on. I am completing my voyage from beyond the dead to life in Christ.

There is no shame involved; it is the gift of God.
The way I see it dramatic times takes drastic measures, and since this is my spontaneous nature.

    I will overcome any obstacle. I am doing all of it, for Jesus World Awakening. I believe with all my heart and soul. The verification I have is, His Presence in Spirit, felt, heard, accepted. Conducted ritual writing of pure loving faith for all God’s People.

    To come into the light of Our Lord Jesus Christ so that the pain can cease, and healing can begin. October 29, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell “just a note,” I did not hear back from, The New York Times. Everyone thinks I am insane. I can not look back on the writings I sent out, that did not get answered. At least I tried, and I can not pick these writings apart, even though I would like to, they are going in as is,” Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    As I stated I am going to put the stats up and finish Publishing the rest of “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” until the 10th my 58th Birthday, this is my present to myself and to “In Presence of Spirit.com” I have posted 70 writings in 22 days. I see my Glaucoma Specialist today she will be able to see what is going on in my eyes. Wendy

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