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From Darkness To The Light

I do not know, what I am going to do? Then I thought, I do know what I am going to do. I was contradicting my old negative self, confident self — the I of me, on this side, and that side, here and there, within and without, in Spirit, in the flesh.

    As you can see the flesh came in first, but In Spirit, is where I forever want to be, with You, who sent me, to show you the way, out of the darkness. Into the light of, the Presence, in and through, my writings, with the Lord. Who made this happen.

     A dialogue with, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, in writing to you, every one of you, that will look and find, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, clearing the misconceptions of our existence.

     The circumstances, where it came from, Stop it in the blood of Jesus Christ. Let the healing begin, the ritual cleansing, in each and everyone that will find, You Jesus Christ.

    In the core of their existence. In their being in their heart, mind, and soul. The I of you and me, and every person that ever was, that is, and will ever be.

    From darkness to the light of, Jesus Christ World Awakening, in each one of your souls, your sin is forgiven in the blood of Jesus Christ. The Life, The Ministry, The Death, The Resurrection to Life Eternal,

    Made this possible, for you, and me now, and now forever, for them that past, and did not find Him. No one person is left out. God would not have it so.

    I come in peace. I come in steadfast love, that I have given to you and me. In the light of, “In Presence of Spirit,” in me for each and everyone, once again, that ever was to date:

    September 8, 2010, everyone who is now, and everyone who will ever be, from this day forward. Wendy Yvette Greenwell, Statements of truth, I could not keep to myself. I refuse to be embarrassed. A Song, A Praise, A Verse, A Prayer, A Poem, To You With Love, Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.