There is nothing like having a gift to share.

There Is Nothing Like Having A Gift To Share

Thank You, Jesus, for my writing in Spirit with You and Your Majesty. Thank You, for the spark of light, that You Inspired, through me, in, “In Presence of Spirit,” and all its extensions. The big package, you gave me to treasure, unto Your time, Acknowledging Your Presence, In Spirit, not just for me, for everyone. Even though in human terms impossible, but in the Lord’s hands this testimony has come to be:  My Last Will.

One for All, All for One,

    Has come together to consciously, Touch The Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit from God through Jesus Christ to Us All. February 28, 2011


    Oh man, how can I write these positive things, only, “In Presence of Spirit.” Right now I am trying to write and I can not. I changed my book room because I needed everything in here with me. While I decide, what I am supposed to do.

    Give more, and not get a comment in the World or keep giving my Lord, updates with no one looking at the pages, themselves. Most of the views are updated copies of what I update. I do not know where it goes; it just gives me the acknowledgment that one and the other, were viewed.

God is offering you a gift, that is what the Preacher said,

do you accept God’s Gift, do you accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior. I was at the end of the dead end. I had nowhere to hide.  No way to escape the insanity in my mind.

The years of being without hope, without spirit, without strength,
With that gut-wrenching pain, I felt for well over, seventeen years. When I finally said yes, I accept Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior.
I felt those light lets, I describe.

    I felt the precise fusion with Jesus Christ my Personal Savior, it took me eleven months to be able to write it, in, “State of Being” I was shocked after I wrote that one. It is my handwriting, it is not copied from a book, it came out of my experience, that is not fiction. Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I am changing the Copyright dates to the day I wrote them, and this New Year of my fixing it one more time. Happy Birthday to all the New Years babies in the World including mine 31 today. January 1, 2017, Happy New Years!

© 2011 -2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


I need you. I want you.

Thank You for letting me Write

I have to have, Your Spirit,  guide me out of darkness, into the light, all over again. Forgive me, my trespasses, my sins, and iniquities. Thank You, for giving me breath, in the writings of, “In Presence of Spirit,” the whole of it. The completion in this decade, this time around.

    Thank You for, Your Presence, in every writing, prayer, praise, verse, song, and poem. Thank You, for every page of our book, the originals, the edited, the almost complete manuscript, that I have only read.

Thank You for letting me write, “In Presence of Spirit,” to its entirety.

    Even though You and I, are the only ones, who know what I captured in writing, with and through You Jesus. It is meant to be like this, for yours and my purpose. For your goal is my purpose, and my mission is your purpose, now and forevermore.

    I Love You, Jesus Christ. I believe everything. The Resurrection to Life Eternal In You, Through You, Round About The Glory of You. Lord, I miss you. I need you. I need to hear your guiding voice. I need you to grab me out of darkness, into the light of Your Ever Presence.

Open my heart again.

    So I can complete it. What you have given me. To share, with anyone who needs the only friend, In Spirit of Your Ever Loving Presence. I loved Jesus, I did, and I do. Help me finish the task at hand. Please, Lord, I need help with this glaucoma. I suffered too many attacks thinking they were’ eye migraines. We need a Glaucoma Foundation in every State. We need a multitude of things, but first and foremost. I need you back, Jesus.

Show me what You want me to do? Guide me to it.

    Hold fast; my love poured out to You. In this, “Our Writings, In Spirit of Your Ever Loving Presence.” Omnipotent and Omnipresent, in Exquisite Conversations with the Lord. Thank You, Jesus, for the communication. I had a blast knowing, You are in me, and I in You, and You are the Author, through me, from You. I Love You, Jesus. I Love You, With One Heart to Heal.

Thank You for letting me write.

    I could not find any words. It weighed heavy on my total being. Jesus, in your name Lord. Bring Your Love down, to a oneness of truth, which is only through You Jesus Christ.

You gave me You, in, “In Presence of Spirit,”

and it is obvious after all is said, written and complete, in this the extended book, the whole of the entire writings of, “In Presence of Spirit.” That you my love, and my life is the Author through me, with me, beside me, round about me, in every way. Forgive me for forgetting.

    Sometimes life is too hard, and the cycles keep repeating themselves worse in every generation. Help us stop the cycle of the past, and bring the future to today, in time, place and significant reason. These writings are my future because they are my past. So I wish to start living today, what I maintain, will help, The World, With One Heart To Heal. December 12, 2008 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2008-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


I am the author of, “In Presence of Spirit,” and “In Presence of Spirit in Conversation with the Lord,”

I Place The Matter In Your Hands

The name changed many times. The whole incredible trip from beyond the dead to life, “In Christ,” is so awesome. I have to share. Whether or not, you are ready. It is finally ready, to be let free.

Now is the time, then was not the time. I had a lot more writing to do. The last hours of the close of this, My testimony of Jesus Christ. I will read yours, whoever you might be.

    Dear Jesus Christ, I am coming to You at the end of this journey, with you in writing. I figure this is, Your designated time for me, to complete the scripts that in the book.

    As stated: I have to look past myself and give you what Jesus Christ, has given me. For whoever will ever, read this work of wordy expressions of love. Through the Spirit, of the oneness of hope and faith. There is a better today, for all concerned.

    For Everyone In Heart, Soul Revelation, through Christ Jesus, Who Strengthens The Congregation, Through You, In You, With You, Round About The Glory of You, Jesus Christ in Your World Awakening.

    “I Love You, Jesus Christ.” I Miss You. I Have To Share You, To The World, In Your Hands. I Place The Matter of Fact, In Your Hands.” Crisis Center, people needing help, now. No time to wait. forever and a day, and that day never comes.

    Oh, I have waited so long, for this day to finally come. It is at my gate. I know my boldness, will peek through, and the doors will start swinging open. Oh Lord Have Mercy On Us. November 26, 2008 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2008-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


You know I have felt, over the years,

Only In The Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father

since I started writing the book, at the beginning of 1996,

Who am I, to write what I have, and who cares, in the World. What I have done. But all the while, time and time again. It was my journey, from the darkness of my soul, to bring light to my soul. For the loss of my life, and my love.

Through my writings,

    It lifts me out of darkness, into a state of grace, Grace is given by Jesus Christ. I know my pain was buried, my pain was ugly. My pain was in my face. When I left, I was in shock.

    I searched deep into myself, all the readings, all the prayers, all the crying, mourning, the things I put up with, the emotional roller coaster of the negative, that had consumed our lives.

    I had no cover-up, for my abused self, from him and me, for losing me, to the lie. Because that is all, it was. I once said, “that if this was all a game, everyone lost.” Well you know, the only thing we lost, was the fight.

My straightforward being, is a constant, in the writings.

    Only in the Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father, that made my experience, A Gift, Not A Curse.

    A Gift, To Mankind, for The Remission of The World’s Sins. In God, I live through Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit has ignited the light in my soul. To Induce, The Omnipresence, of every prayer for humankind. To open up the kingdom of heaven within, each one of us.

    Oh please, Who am I? No one of myself, pick me apart. The Lord through me, gave me, His Holy Spirit. “To Perpetuate An On-Going Dialogue With Him, “In Presence of Spirit.” That is what is up. All summed up for me alone? No! not for a second.

It is made, “In Presence of Spirit,” for His Purpose, to stay with me, until the end of time, and forever.

    Now, this is the only forever, and I can only imagine. It was never a competition against or with the husband of my youth. Although it is obvious, I am not retarded. I stayed unmarried, and he is married all but three months of the fourteen years. Our kids are Adults; his kids are in the first grade, and kinder. Now he is staying, making it right.
    His little game caught up with him. Now that I know it was all his game, because he always competed with me, for some strange reason. The reasons that have come to pass.
    I survived every obstacle to come to complete for me, mine and the Lord’s, “In Presence of Spirit.” To be shared. A must of my desire and my quest.
I can not in my mortality, state it any different.
     I refuse to be embarrassed about my small part in this, repeat, “but what oneself is, To You Dear Lord.” He gave me my heart, and my soul back. “In Presence of Spirit,” The Original Writing.”
    I thought long and hard about that, the first piece of my heart, that he gave me eyes’ to see, to write it. “In Presence of Spirit,” and then closed they went. I was part of the negative inside me. Not just my negative, but everyone. Take it any way you want it.
    I have to see it through; no door has opened yet, this is all or nothing. What do I have to lose? I guess I am the one, that is going to open, that door. Hey! What? the door has been opened, and no one dared, to come into, “Wendy’s, In Presence of Spirit.” When they do, I know I will feel better.
I love it, he gave me meaning before, during, after, my misery.

    In the presence of my misery, Jesus took my hand, and guided me out of darkness, into the light of, His Ever Presence. I have been a silent partner with Christ in me, the hope of Glory. Silent, I must not be anymore. Too many are suffering. Although I still do not speak what I wrote, and if it is the Holy Spirit’s will for me to speak, at that time, so be it. With one heart to heal. October 27, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2008-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


As I walked through the doors of the shelter,

Writings In Secret Forever or Not

I thought, “how safe, courteous understanding employees who take care of the special needs, of the Women and Children, who walk through those doors.

    As breakfast started Moms were’ preparing the meal for the Children hurt, battered, but going on with the everyday duty of caring, picking up fragments of themselves, while keeping the focus on their young.

    I observe mostly children five and younger. The outward appearances seemed, not to show the real story. The inside concerned me. They were fighting.

    Realizing all these Women and Children had just gotten out of the “Last Fight.” As I watched the children, I saw my own, at all their ages. I was grieved to see the outcome of an evasive cycle.

    The residue of the ending cycle, of the degeneration, of Our Unities broken from bondage, to prepare the way, for the regeneration of our souls.

Life’s trauma’s, affect the balance of the truth.

    Confused, through the clouded darkness, of one’s most inner being. The circle of events is repetitious, throughout history. So many are kept secret, chartered course, and it is hard to stop the cycle.

No man is better; My God is the oceans,

    Are the mountains, are the trees, plants, tropical forests. The food therein is the spirit, and spirit is not minded power, it is heart power, compassion. Thank You, Lord, you always knew I wanted, to write.

Women’s Advocate Hall:

    Friends are working together in all crises, loneliness, acceptance, compassion, tenderness, honesty. Truth shall set us free. Thank You, Lord.

    We all get our ancestor’s vibrations, repetition since time started. One million to one million, someone from Noah’s Ark, had an unclean heart and passed it on through.  Christ sent from and through God.

    Christ is within us all. He is here for the asking, a bottomless pit. You have to reach down deep, and then accept, Jesus Christ as Our Savior. He is Our Source. He is, The highest. He is Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, In Infinite, Magnificent Form.

    My Lord, My God, you know what my mind says, but my heart, lead’s to Glory, complete for, You. My eyes, your stars, your truths implanted firmly in my heavenly loins, for thou know the wombs of us, that have been privileged, too full term life, Your life, Your love, Your compassion, Your strength, Your communion with the Angels since infinite time began.

Safe Haven’s Community Services:

    People in need of comfort, compassion, understanding. It is time to put away selfishness. We are all on a ride. Why not get on together? For tomorrow is coming fast, and then do you want your life, to be in vain? Mine is not anymore.

    Lord, grant that I might see, through Your heart. To ride that white stallion, through Your Great Gates of Eternal Life. “Lord Show Me Thy Ways.” Well, You already are, I can not live two lifetime’s, in one day. Thanks for slowing me down to a gentle trickle, while I am sponging your knowledge.

     Thank You, for showing me my place in heaven, and Thank You for letting me see the light. All I saw were people, using people, taking advantage, not listening or looking to see, what was going on.

Who made you Judge, Jury and clown master.

    Man did! God is the Only true Judge. The man could not tell the truth from a lie, so man made judge and jury. The man was running around. What soothed him was his ail, his women, and the control over the centuries.

    I have reached the kingdom of heaven within, and I am growing stronger. We will meet, we will be at the pearly white gates, together. We are the caretakers, and every one of us has been used thumbs down, put down, and run down. Not by God. God’s warnings are omnipresent but by Man’s words.

    “We will mount our horses and draw our swords,” We are the stronger to put up with the blame of man’s demise. Come out of your comas. We are not doormats. We are brides of Our Father, who art in heaven. In the name of, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

    God grant that I may see clearer, each minute that passes by, Lord, for the afflicted, are in desperate need, condition. It is time to end the cycle. Since deceit, greed and all the other abominations, concentrated in one big mess. Yuk.

    I see a beautiful vision. It is from God. Women afflicted, being able to recover from, “The Last Fight,” together. Recovery together, helping each other, through the transitional year, and to help the elderly, because we can make them happy before they pass away. No more hiding, what are all you waiting for. We have to fight for Our God Given Rights, and I will not keep my mouth closed. Writings in secret forever or not. January 29, 1996 Wendy Yvette Lyke, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1996-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell