Thank you for reading my writings.

Hopefully prayerfully, “In Presence of Spirit,”

Will hit 100,000 thousand views, on the 16th of November . From me to 93,375 views, that is Awesome. Thank You, for reading my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy, oh man I should have written it that night, it hit 100,000 a few hours, after I wrote that, let’s say, “before dawn.” Too cool huh. 

June 10, 2016,

This site hit a million views on the 3rd of June 2016. I give it all to You Lord; they belong to You. I know in my heart, they are meant to be published and shared. You gave it to me to share, and I am eternally grateful for all Our Times, “In Presence of Spirit.” Sweet Reward! Help Lord!

Happy New Year 2018, 

This is, “In Presence of Spirit,”  30th Anniversary Year. Just “In Presence of Spirit,” My first writing. 

I calculated the stats on my hosting,

One million one hundred seventy-two thousand one hundred ninety-two views for this site. wendygreenwell.com is 112,867, 348,867 for inpresenceofspirit.blogspot.com, and wendyyettegreenwell.blogspot.com is still at 159,432 views, the blog spot.com are drafted. It comes out to 1,793,358 views.

    Thank you, for stopping by. If you read my writings, thank you for spending time, “In Presence of Spirit.” We are, “In Presence of Spirit,” at all times even when we do not realize it.

Well, I just decided to put my 30th Anniversary Video for “In Presence of Spirit,” right here.

    I did not publish it on YouTube. It belongs here. It is going to make the GB go way up. But it deserves it. I have not been working on the site for a while. Okay, I am going to try to put it on. I have 29 Published Videos on YouTube. Here it is: 

    It was cold and drizzly, cold like we are not used to in South Texas. I love the light shows. Still, do not know what they are. I have concluded that they are energy, tube lights, orbs, particles, atmosphere, the fog, the rain and drizzle, snow on the 8th of December. No man made this is mother nature made.

    My trees are 15 years old. Full of Life, I love them all. So do the lights. What are they? Inquiring minds want to know? Thanks for reading and watching. God Bless Everyone in Eternity. Wendy January 7, 2018, I put this on “Out To Lunch,” I thought it was already Published, but it was not. Now I am going to Publish it as is. Wendy Yvette Greenwell January 8, 2018, January 7, 2019, I am going to watch the video. Wendy

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