Revelation can be taken passively or actively.

Revelation can be taken passively or actively.

In the former sense the activity of God whereby he makes himself known to men, in the latter, the knowledge thus imparted. The Biblical idea of revelation must be elicited by means of a broad induction of evidence which I have of which the briefest outline must here suffice.

Our withdrawal from understanding is everyone is on top of you,

the do’s of being wife, and mother with the husband being the alcoholic, and or generational abuser, then the Women having scars possibly more severe inside, then man’s control over women.

Man is bred to believe he is over Women.

Remember who bore these men hey, we did! Give us a hand! Is it our fault they treat us like sex objects, then throw us away?

They have their lives, and we isolate with our children,

We are beaten down verbally, nothing is good enough, except sex ha., and of course we get poked, pinched, pulled, thrown, spit on, once is enough, cursed at, called ugly disgusting names, squashed, joint crunchers, bloody lips one time it was bad, bruises on the extremities, plus the crunch in the glands around the jaw that does not show bruising but hurt for so long, pokes with objects after our separation.

Intimidated we feel we are unworthy,

So we withdraw deeper, we do complain to a few, and we get told to leave the situation, etc. But we know we cannot. It is not that easy. Too many years for me. February 8, 1996, WYL

February 23, 2018,

    These are just a few things that Women all over the World go through. The silent abuser, few on the outside, know the real story behind the life of a union, that was not a union at all. I say this in real time because I left these writings for this time because I have to Publish something before 12.

    This one is in the book; I just did not run across it until now. I am going to Publish it because I had a rough day, and I am almost done editing. He did come over this morning he fixed my lawn mower and brought my Son’s stuff to me from his last job. We do not talk much anymore since 2016. The most significant part of my Divorce is not ever being abused again. Wendy Yvette Greenwell February 7, 2019, Wendy

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