So since, January of 1996,

He shared with me. in all these thousand writings

I have been writing the seventeen parts of the whole of my precious moments, “In Presence of Spirit.” Fifteen years of writings 2003 does not count as one part of the whole. Because it was only a few pages, no writings, I put them at the end of 2002.

I think it is a treasure of spirit in spirit,

communication in one with the Father, One with The Son, and One with The Holy Spirit.

All parts of the whole,

entwined in the oneness of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit’s Ever Presence, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omnipresence, up front and personal in the oneness of truth that is fulfilling its duty through me.

My writings are within me,

They came out from my innermost being, Touched by The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ Presence in Spirit, He shared with me. In all these thousand writings and thousands of quotes each paragraph, each statement of truth, not my truths. God’s truth’s coming out in such explicit detail that you know, you are, “In Presence of Spirit.”

I have some ideas,

Several times over the years. I have written, “from beginning to end and end to beginning.” What that means? “if the end is received first and the first received second”?

It can be split up into sections.

Sent out on the internet. I need to incorporate all my writings. “Lord in Your name I pray for the fulfillment of my heart’s desire even though I am me, my reward is with You.

Lord, I give You this manuscript You gave me to write, with You. Always with You Jesus Christ, I Love You. I believe You are with me in my whole book of words, “In Presence of Spirit.” Even though I have one mortal witness of my massive collection of writings. I am witness to, “In Presence of Spirit,” and all its extensions. July 19, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2011-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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