Oh Lord,

Tahiti Waterfall hopefully
Lord In Your Glorious Name I Forward The Conversations

Direct Me To Your Presence, In Spirit. Bring Gladness To Hearts World Over, for sure there is an end to the pain. My Prayers and Everyone Else’s, Have Reached The Heavens.

    The Prayers, Are In, The Heavenly Realm. Where Your Spirit, Touched Mine, and My Spirit, Entwined, In The Ever Presence Of Your Spirit, who I was seeking, and not finding.

     Asking, and not hearing. I tear up, but I do not cry, like I did, when I was in agony, of not finding my, “One True Love,” when the time was right. There You Were, “In Presence of Spirit,” with me, even when I would slip and fall. You would come through, in my conversations with You.

    To My Love, My Life, My Only Reason for Loving In The, I of Me, United With My Creator, spending precious times, “In Presence of Spirit,” with The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. The Lord is in me, and The Lord is in you.

    God is, “Universally Ever Present.” In Your Name, Jesus Christ I beseech You. You, Jesus Christ, entrusted me with Our, “In Presence of Spirit.” You gave me incredible boldness, insight, encouragement, understanding, patience, loads of knowledge. You gave me the total rights, of a child of God.

    My inheritance, “In Presence of Spirit,” with You, in the here and now of yesterdays, tomorrows. I Love You, Jesus Christ. I Plead, The Blood Of Blessings, On Mankind, and The Ever Presence of Your Eternal Presence, In Spirit, In Our Whole Entire Book. “All my writings.”

     You are Jesus Christ, and I am Wendy, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversation with the Lord.” You are my love and my life. You are the only reason, I am here with you, “In Presence of Spirit.” You gave me the courage, to continue on, these years.

    You gave me, the ability, to write your book, through me. United with You, “In Presence of Spirit,” With You In Me and I In You. Entwined, One In The Spirit, One In The Lord. One on One Conversations. Spirit to Spirit, Communications, In the Oneness of Truth. You, Jesus Christ, have provided for me. To fulfill my purpose, in this life. For Your World Awakening, is just a breath away. Lord Jesus, in Your Glorious Name, I forward, The Conversations. June 5, 2011

© 2011-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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