These are strongholds,

Night Photo in the rain
These are strongholds identifying my journey from darkness to the light

identifying my journey from darkness to the light. I thought I received and it pains me, without vision, It is for Christ to come home, in every heart. Do you understand?

Looking over these pages,

Every one of them should have been in the book, but it was a single human job, me, but now I can share all that I have left. It is me in A Pure Love of Jesus, and His Healing through His Death and Resurrection To Life Eternal, in Him.

Jesus is with you all the way.

    He wants to be heard; he wants it to be read, he wants it to start the chain reaction of His Gracious Love, Salvation. All that was is now.

The ignition has been igniting,

And now it is at high volume. Stop the madness, find Peace through Christ Who Strengthens Us. Peace To The World through Christ Jesus. Life is Granted, the fog is lifted, the opening of the pits of our souls is releasing the cleansing, to ritual purification. August 2005

Creative Writing:

    When you write your Mom does not say anything in her letters. I do not understand that. As far as what we are personally enduring, I do not write about that.

    I guess to me; I say less in the flesh than I do when I think I am in the spiritual. Which I always miss, but I am a weird one. Oh well, I can not seem to mustard up any creative writing, and it is depressing in so many ways.

I had so much fun and encouragement

through the Spirit, that my life had meaning. When I am in darkness searching for the light. I feel not worthy of the awesome past gift that I thought, I received, and it pains me, without vision, and passion.

    I am just blah, now this is what I call gibberish, not every word that pertains to my creative writing, is in the script for Jesus. Take care God loves you and so do your five children. 2005 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2005 – 2023 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.