To My Dear Heavenly Father,

Love and Huggins’ From Heaven’s Door

I am coming to You, “In Presence of Spirit,” for here, I can communicate with You, In Spirit. It is captivating, what you have given me, to share, to The World.

    I am a little crushed, about the husband of my youth. He loves me, but he is staying with his second family. His promises were first made to me, in our vows, “till death do us part.”

    I know Lord that the vows I share with You and to the World, Are so much more, than me, never really leaving him behind. I will not pray for him back. He belongs to You, and I love him, with You, Lord because he needed a lot of love. So, it was me, that gave it to him. Through You Lord, spirit to spirit to spirit. And when it gets read, by hurting people, searching for You, they will find You, because I found You, in the inner chamber of, Your Ever Presence.

    Thank You, Jesus, for all the words and guidance. Thank You for, Your Precious Love, throughout all generations. The Love of God is Upon Mankind. Take up thy bed and walk, “In Presence of Spirit.”

To the unveiling, to the one truth, that is only, through You, In The Holy Spirit, Roundabout You. Oh Lord Help, let’s do what we must, to submit our book. Love and Huggins’, To Heaven’s door.  August 5, 2008,  Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

©2008-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.