Help, In Jesus Christ Name.

Oh Lord Help. In positive, affirmative action, sparked the truth, behind the lies.

Dear Father, I have lost myself again. Show me through your guiding forces, through the oneness of truth that You empower. “Lord recognizes not I who am writing, but to all people, who are yet afflicted.” In God I am. Love, courage, faith, understanding, spiritual guidance, the unveiling of the soul, achievement, joy, happiness, acceptance of the truth, giving kindness, compassion, loyalty to Christ Jesus, only through Him is Salvation.


    Guide and direct us where you want us to be.
“Grant that I may see clearer each minute that passes by Lord,” for our children need us now. Loose Satan’s grip. In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you Satan.

    In Your Blood of Blessings put a hedge of thorns around the Mobil home my teenagers and bring our babies home to Father God.

Oh Lord

    Oh Lord, whatever your will Lord. Everything is possible in Your hands. Lord, I place my entire existence in your holy hands and fall on Your feet to the promises.

    Guide us and direct us, where you want us to be. Bring us out of the negative, into the positive, affirmative actions, that are prescribed in the Spirit of Your Ever Presence. Shown to me a sinner from darkness into the presence of light, through Christ Our Redeemer. The opening is revolving the regeneration of our souls. January 28, 1998

Lord help us

    Guide us, Direct us in the Millennium. Lord, we need You, in Your Love of Passion. Spread all over this World, for the afflicted are coming home, To You Father God.

    I need You in our lives, for the more significant, to replace all the negative with the positive. From despair to the clearing of the cobwebs, stretched from the ultimate destruction to the promises that are coming to pass.

Lord help humanity come back to You in One Heart,  One Mind,

for the revelations are upon us, and the realization has glimpsed, the opening of our souls. For all to achieve, the light of hope from without to within.

    I have my children and me, to take care of, Lord we need Your guidance, patience, endurance, love, courage, your still small voice to be heard through the air. In Your blood of blessings let’s Publish, “In Presence of Spirit.” Thank You for my children (teenagers)

    There was no way out until You brought, “In Presence of Spirit,” into its entirety. A masterpiece in action. Oh Lord Help. In positive, affirmative action, sparked the truth, behind the lies. January 28, 1998

Oh God help

    We need Your help, Lord. How am I suppose to do this, all of this by myself? Help in Jesus Christ Beloved Spirit, support, financially, emotionally, physically, verbally. Put words in my mouth.

    Lord let me speak in intelligence, to be understood. “God grant that I may see clearer each minute that passes by Lord.” Help! With You, I can do anything, in my hands without, I am nothing.

Teach me Your precise will,

I can not do it, by myself. I place us totally in Your hands. Help! In Christ Jesus Blood of Blessings. Angels surround this complex, this mobile home and all my children’s everything, Help! We Need You Now! January 28, 1998, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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