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Make The Life Ever After Choice

The cycle is not being targeted or amended. We would have to modify, in Jesus Christ World Awakening, forever. 

What will be, is meant to be, take the legalization of Abortion, off the face of the map, use protection or do not do it — the change from child to complete responsibility, for your new life. It is not hard. Transfer!        

    Stop legalized Abortion, completely! Stop children, from making up their minds. They have scars for life. Nothing, is ever the same, inside. The innocence has vanished.      

The love that could have been, has been taken away, 

    The newness of life is gone. Always, having the pain of loss, of love, of life, literally. Abortion is not the answer. Bring back the innocence, in our children. Do not let them make a choice that will scar, them until they meet their maker. Give them two options. Have the baby. Or Adopt the baby to someone who needs to love a precious angel.         

    Now they do not let Parents involve themselves with the immediate details, of which their children are going through. Why has their choice been given to them? Every day you never forget, especially when you have nine grandchildren. In three’s at the same time, in nine years, one passed away at four months, SIDS.         

This decision of termination, of a pregnancy, to a child, is insane.

    The scars from the experience, do not just last, for a day. They are, ever-present, and there is not one thing, you can do about it after it is done. You suffer alienation, guilt, depression, anxiety, a secret, (among other repercussions,) then when you are pregnant with your Husband, you feel insecure, you think, you are going to be punished, for the tragedy, that befell you. You grieve not just days, weeks, months; you grieve for years. I am telling you. My happiness was destroyed, inside of me.         

Clean, The World Up. Bring Back The Love, Understanding Innocence of The New Day.

    Bring It Back Into The Hearts of Mankind. Take Abortion, out of their, vocabulary. If you want to play, you play for keeps, or you adopt your child — no more excuses. Russian rue-let, you play with adult matters. There are only seventy-two hours, to get pregnant, a month.        
    How many bull’s eyes? Millions. Do not do it. It is not fun. It is not loving, compassion, understanding, it is a servant, to the guy and then on call 24-7 for years, for your baby.  Stop, Look, Listen! Does your gut say, No, but your body says yes, that is when you say, No and go home?        
Always go with your gut instinct, that is Jesus,
    Telling you to go the other way, and you decide to go, your way. Your approach is the wrong way. If you listen to that gut instinct, it will always be the right way. You cannot, go wrong.         
    You do not live with the guilt, that smothers the very presence of your inner being because it is clouded with heavy darkness. Because of that one time was devastating after that I was a mess, With what seems like, no way, out of the pain, and isolation, one goes through, in the in and out, of, The Abortion.        
That is it! No turning back ever.  

    Only to the pain, and misery of that decision, that is made out of fear, no means, no childhood — a child taking care of a child. Or anyone’s agony having made such a huge decision, or someone else making that decision for you. Not knowing the repercussion of that horrible experience you can never take back. September 22, 2009

    February 24, 2013, “My number one reason for Publishing this, is for the ones, that are about to make a choice, that will have a negative impact, on their life.” To make the ever after choice, is better, than the other — my misery to prove it.  

    NO! is the only choice. Give it to God. Think of God. Give yourselves through Jesus Christ to God. He is here in the here and now of yesterday’s, tomorrows. Go into your inner being accept His gift a new awakening shall take place. How can “Show them the way,” “Sweet Mercies,” “Abortion,” “In Presence of Spirit, be given to the ones that need to know now? I can not do it by myself. Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2009-2023 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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