I seek to complete, my Universal Part,

My Brother through the cave.
I Seek to Complete My Universal Part

In God’s plan for these writings, this book, I suffered to write. The enemy was always at my gate waiting for me to stumble and fall. He put obstacles in my way. I still came back to the heart of the matter. “Through Christ, I can do all things.” He gave me the strength to be, “In Presence of Spirit,” with Him. I did work for it. I received it.  One in Spirit, One in the Lord. In the present tense. A gift from Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, to me, because I wanted meaning, and I wanted the truth of my existence. I asked the question, and He gave me the answers. 

Only through Jesus Christ, we can be freed, from the darkness of our souls.

    To the light, so shining through, the words, and inspiration. The Holy Spirit shared one on one, with me, through me, in me. One in Spirit, One, In Presence of His Holy Spirit, He left for all of us.

    I share it with you. With one heart to heal, the pain, and loneliness of our existence, because we are in solitary confinement with, and in our selves. Others can share parts, no one but, The Lord is in our being.

    The I in me is Him, who gave me, “In Presence of Spirit,” We joined in one, every time we met in The Holy Spirit’s Presence. In our writings, book. I know when it is the Holy Spirit through me, and I know when it is me, standing by myself, in the wilderness.

It always gives me the strength to carry on, day today, with all the outer world’s duties, distractions.

    They are at a minimum. I have taken other’s responsibilities, off my shoulders. There is no way I could have done anymore physically, thirteen years, with what I put up with is long enough.

    So, my two years of writing, “In Presence of Spirit,” is a book in itself. The work history, buying my first car  GEO Metro, at 36. Never got lost in San Antonio. Then leaving the city, to write nine years of the extensions of, “In Presence of Spirit.” Right here in the home, Richard my friend, bought him, for My extended Family and Me now just us.

I have been reading, everything I wrote.

    Deciding to put in the very leftovers, because I think, in some way, they are all, significant. Universally they are, so I need not wait, on the negative and so on.

    I am not worried about you, to accept my view. You will see for yourself, that my writings, speak to your heart. If your mind does not understand, your Spirit, where dwells there, Our Christ and Lord, lives. There to be satisfied, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

United in the oneness, in Him, from Him.

    Through the regeneration, for our soul. Through The Holy Spirit from, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. 

Our Lord. Our Redeemer. 

    Our Risen Christ. Our Son of Man. Our Resurrection and the Life, to Your Eternal Presence. Is only through You Lord, In Presence of Your Holy Spirit. My Christ, My Lord, My Love, My Life. 

    In Presence of Your Holy Spirit, You left for me to find, to love, to cherish, to hold, to work for, and with, In Presence of The Holy Spirit, You left for me to find. These things which I proclaim. I claim, In the name of Jesus Christ the Savior of My Soul. Yours, mine and our soul. Blessed too, “In Presence of Spirit,” seriously February 2, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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