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Each time I read, and work on my writings, it is as it was the first time.

Magnetized Moon
Each time I read and work on my writings, it is as it was the first time

It is always in presence of spirit.

“In Presence of Spirit,” one in spirit, one in the Lord. In an everlasting splendor of the Presence in such explicit detail.

    All the while knowing one day I will share my times, In Presence of Spirit, with you. The one that is reading right here, right now. It has been for you since the beginning, as well with me forever, because it is my life’s purpose to fulfill The Holy Spirit through my conversations, “In Presence of Spirit.” May 15, 2012, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Today I pledge my everlasting love for You Jesus Christ

Moon in the Clouds
I know that our conversations in spirit, are omnipresent, which makes them yours mine and ours,

and Your Ever Presence. I know that our conversations in spirit, are omnipresent, which makes them yours mine and ours, to share with anyone that will one day read them.

    All my conversations, coming together to complete my part. It is a pretty big piece of the whole of the incredible space, “In Presence of Spirit,” in Spirit, One on One Conversations with The Lord. Not just for me but you also.

    From God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit. I in Him and Him in me, In Presence of The Holy Spirit, left for us to find. So all will be United in The Oneness of Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit’s Magnificent Presence. Where ever The Holy Spirit is, there I am also, and you and everyone else. “Time never-ending but standing still.”

    Well, what is up! “I can only imagine.” Ha! Oh Lord, bring back the love, and understanding, the feeling, of life love and the giving up to Heaven The Very Presence of The Holy Spirit in our writings. “In Presence of Spirit,” with The Holy Spirit, Lord of Lord, Host of Host, Son of God in the here and now of yesterdays tomorrows. Wendy Yvette Greenwell July 26, 2012

© 2012-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

JUNE 16, 2012

The ex-husband is here again.

Phone, Camera, Flash
My love is poured out in the writings; I share one on one with the Lord.

    He still feels part of our lives even though he is on the outside, and has helped only a few times. It was all a game that he did not win. Even though I only wanted my maiden name back, and that is precisely what I got. In a world without God, I would be resentful, but my World is with God, even though I go through bumps in the road. OK!

    My love is poured out in the writings, I share one on one with the Lord. I can say that in real-time because every writing is verified, “In Presence of Spirit,” The Holy Spirit, and Wendy in writing all that I have. Through the Spirit of Love, and Comfort, in the hands of Jesus Christ are my writings, In Spirit with The Holy Spirit. Wendy Yvette Greenwell June 16, 2012

© 2012-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


I say this often; “what do you want from me?”

My Schefflera, that once was.
What Do You Want From Me?

I wrote it on one of my blogs. I said, “I am asking the Lord.” “What do you want from me?” Question! Big question? What finally came out, is “what do I want from Him.” I do not have a bunch of wants. All needs pertaining solely to my writings made to a blog, seventy-one of them. Are in, “The Lord’s Hands.” They are in the Heaven’s before Publication, and now after seventy-one, Publications.

    It is what I always wanted to do. Share my writings. I am, and I have. So now what do I want? I want it to go “Worldwide.” I know it will touch, the ones who read them. I believe everything I wrote.

    October 28, 2015, 335,232 views for this year, 2015 together since December 13, 2013, 761,740 views, OK with the blogs, 1,270,029 views over a 100 Countries. Thank you for reading or viewing my writings. Scheffler is my favorite plant. It flourishes in the ground if you do not cut it, and it is tropical, Southern Texas. 3/25/21, not anymore!

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It is the last couple of days of being, 51 years old.

Full Moon with clouds
Something Special To Share

It has been eight weeks, the 6th since I had a complete hysterectomy. Lots of fibroid tumors, which made for a miserable 17 months, for sure.

I have not worked on my writings, in five months. I drafted everything on my blog.

Which is good for me, at this time, for now, I will keep my writings in the draft, until I make up my mind.

    I always thought I have something special to share, but oh well, it can not be verified, with someone, who has not been through, what I have gone through, in my quest, to have more than pain, and suffering in my life.

    To me, I was having, Conversations with the Lord. To everyone else, I am crazy. No verification, {outside the realm of human-hood?} Who am I, just Wendy.

    This is me, in my mortality, but in my immortality, I have been, “In Presence of Spirit In Conversations With The Lord.” I know in my heart this is true.  February 7, 2012,  Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2012-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell