Thank You, Lord

Cloudy full Moon night,
Thank You Father God for not giving up on us

For the evening with Our Parents. Thank You for letting me rev-elate on realizing more than I have. Thank You for more cleansing. Lord make me a witness of Your Faith,  Love,  Compassion,  Strength, Omnipresence,  Knowledge,  Wisdom. Your Everlasting Breath.

    Lord forgive us for our ignorance. Forgive our sins, forgive the people that abuse, and help the women and children find their way to the very last fight.

Holy Father, Your Divine Power,

Strength, Fortitude. Thank You, Father, for not giving up, on us. Lord, we have little time left. We will make it over to You. Father, Your Faithfulness to Your Word, is Everlasting. Lord help The People start shedding their blinders. Lord, I Love You with all my heart and soul. “Thy Will Be Done.”

Father God the Universe, in its entirety, belongs’ to You.

    We, Lord act like greedy little insects, out to devour the beauty, You have set before our eyes. Lord help us. The man stopped listening centuries ago. Oh, the pain the anguish, the lack of You Father God. The Key, all for the asking, In Jesus Christ stead. The Lord Jesus Christ, the blood of blessings, all over, The Earth, all over, The Universe.

Lord for all can come,

You are waiting, You have waited long enough. Lord, Lord, my Precious Lord Jesus Christ. I Love You. Thank You Father God for the Savior.

In Jesus Christ name:

Forgive us, Father God. Forgive us, Lord. Help me in Court, our children, Yours and mine. Lord, we know I am not strong enough to take care of the children 10, 12, 14, right now.

Lord bless the people that have been part,

if not just for a second of my last year’s revelations. To the purpose and meaning of mine and other’s sufferings. Lord, “thy will be done.” I hope Dear, Dear Lord the “Rancho De La Fruita, “Safe Havens for the transitional year after the last fight.” Will be done? Oh Lord, The Prayers have been answered. We can and will help each other back to You Dear Lord. February 1996 before Divorce Court. W Y L,  Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1996 – 2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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