I offer affirmative, positive words. 

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Reinforcing The Connection With The Positive Elements of The Universe

Reinforcing, the connection, with the positive elements, of the Universe. Actuating, The Acknowledgement of, “The Internal Purification.” Negative to Positive. Darkness to Light, on a day, week, month, year, basis, “time never-ending but standing still.” I want my mind to open up, like once it was. When I was absorbing positive energies, which made me alive, In Spirit.

     I have had, a couple of glimpses, of ignition, of enthusiasm. I should be ecstatic. I will feel better when, “In Presence of Spirit,” is read. So I can Publish, This Myself, Myself, For You, and Me, and Eternity.

In The Presence of Spirit, that He, Jesus Christ, left us,

    Who Is The Holy Spirit, In Spirit, With Spirit, Through Spirit, Round About Him, in All The Holy Spirit’s Glorious Love, for Mankind, to come into the inner chamber, of our ever-present and find, “The Christ In You, The Hope of Glory,” Will Activate, The Generational Healing of All Generations? I believe it, so it is true. 

To Everyone, I Share, The Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

     The writings, I did not write by myself, He is with me, in Spirit. The Boldness, The Presence of Jesus Christ Spirit, in me, with me, through me, beside me, round about me, in all His Glory. Given the fact, that everyone’s, life has meaning.  Everyone of Us, are God’s Children, and We are United in Spirit, In The Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit.

    Enveloping life, to those dry bones. You are waking up, to the one pure light, that took the plague off, of Mankind, two thousand years ago. He lives on, Century after Century, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.


To Everyone, I offer the Kingdom of God. To Everyone, I share, “In Presence of Spirit,”

To be read, and hopefully sooner than later, understood. I understand it, and Richard is, My Witness. 

    To Everyone, I Offer, Healing of Heart, Mind, and Soul. To Everyone, I Offer, My Conversations With The Lord, Held In My Heart For Everyone, not just myself. “Thank You,” my reply, “You are Welcome.”

    To Everyone, I offer the pathway. The Holy Spirit, gave me to write, for me, and you at the same time.  Even though you did not know it, I always did.

    From the beginning of time. It was mine, to write. It was always meant to be. Or else it would not be, (repeat) I know, I do not have to convince you, sometimes I am, convincing myself. I am at the end, and so are you.

What do we do now?

    Like my oldest daughter has been telling me, to pray more, and that is what I am doing. I Am Opening Up, To The Positive, Fulfillment of My Life’s Quest,

    To The World Awakening, of The Kingdom of Heaven Within Our Eternal House. The Home of Our Father, Son, Holy Spirit, In Jesus Christ, I Am, Free To Be Me, In Writing.

    Although it took, from April 1988 to December 29, 1995, for me to leave, and never to return to yesterday, my children, my home, my husband, my belongings, my trees, and my plants, and my car. I did not know what I was doing, and I just did it. (I got my children back in 1998, and I have been with them ever since.)

Today fourteen years later,

I am going to share the most precious keepsake, that was given to me, from the Holy Spirit of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He gave these conversations to me because I have never been satisfied with Worldly.

    It is, “In Presence of Spirit,” that I long to be, and when this, my manuscript, only handled and read by me, myself, and I is read by you. It will be a great day for me, and The World because, We Are All Family, In The Spiritual Realm of Our Existence. Love, With One Heart to Heal. Wendy November 10, 2010, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2010 – 2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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