In Jesus Christ name,

Clear Night
When all the trees were’ gone

Holy Father ruler of our souls. I come to you in presence of spirit.

    So, in the essence of my being, in presence of spirit, I am talking, writing, conversing, having my conversations with the Lord. That can, and will be shared.

    It is our will united to complete, I say this time, in this decade, the completion of my writings, in presence of spirit, with the Lord’s Holy Spirit.

    If this is not the longest letter. I had to chop them up into their individual writings, because I want it like that.

    It is more understandable, actually it is the way it was written, day, week, month, year, time never ending but standing still.

    In Jesus Christ name, Holy Son of God, bring light to the entire World.

    Guide and direct us to your eternal calling.

    Open up the hearts, minds, and souls to the presence of your spirit.

    In Jesus name, Lord, I come to you in writing so as to touch the presence of your spirit.

    Jesus Christ, My Lord, and My Savior, that has blessed humanity forever, and more.

    I must come to you, in presence of spirit. I think that I am in the ending of the writing you bequeathed me with. If I write I will of course put them in.

    I am kind of on a non-inspirational, right now. Even though I have done some heavy reading, and writing. I wore my eyes out. Teach me Lord to pray.

    Oh Lord, I say it in your name Jesus Christ. I stated it in your name Jesus Christ. Oh Lord, help from eternity. I need my eye surgeries.

    Oh Lord, help me, through your love. I will not lose track. Get me in shape, exercise my brain. Publish our writings, and go for it.

    Let us once and for all see that God will rain down blessings on Humanity. Through the unveiling of the great power of callings.

    To you who is, in presence of spirit. Hi, God bless you, and all that you are, in the Spirit of Christ. Love with one heart to heal. Wendy

© 2022-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


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