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Inspiring, Verification, of Communication in The Oneness of “The I Am Presence,”

Inspiring, Verification, of Communication in The Oneness of “The I Am Presence,” for everyone in, The Universe and Multi-universe. In July 2016 I looked up Orbs, then I went straight to Archangel Michael, and now I have received hundreds of transmission of information. So many Positive Writers, but I feel I am still stuck. It is great to know that my writings are meant to be, just like all of yours. Thank You, Universe for helping me find Verification! June 17, 2017


    It is the person, the people that lose their way time and time again. This song is perfect. It is a reinforcement for the people who are searching. It is my will to be lost and stagnant and worn out from all life’s experiences. This song assures me even in my darkest hour, where there is no light. He is in the midst of me weathering me yet through another storm. “Sorry do not know what song I was talking about but All The Christian Artists lead you to God.”

    Before you enter into Salvation, Pain, No Relief from the burdens that have made me or you hit rock bottom. When the light of Love through Jesus Christ enters you, that gut-wrenching pain in the inner person is given to The Holy Spirit in Reconciliation. God does not break his promise. We get weak from all life’s experiences from the beginning to this very moment. June 29, 2017

June flew by.

    So much is happening in the whole World. Write a letter to the Lord, directly to him. Have your conversation with the Lord. I got all caught up in the sharing and the work it all entails, that I have worked very little on the writings since last July 2016. I have the previous edit to do, and then, we will see what I do.

    God Bless The World with Your Presence in Spirit Lord. I am still sharing but very few. I do not think that my writings are just for me. I am enjoying working on them again. They make me feel better, and that counts for a whole lot of blessings for humanity not just myself. Wendy July 1, 2017,


    I want to apologize for not Publishing or working on my website. I have no pep in my step. I am resting from December 29, 1995, to date August 14, 2017. Twenty-two years since the awful night, I fell off the face of the earth.

    My seventeenth grandchild will be here in three months. I feel I can not take care of any more children. I think it is my 31, 33, 35, children’s responsibility because I am burnt out.

    As we might know I got my children back on January 17, 1998, he had them for almost two years. They started having babies 2001 October 4 the first one; we moved into this house when he was one month old. So we have been here sixteen years in November.

    Time has flown by. I am 57 and Richard my best friend and companion is 74. I have kept my promise to his mother, and we are here — no place else to go, but here is just fine and dandy as cotton candy.

    I love my trees and my plants. I have someone cutting the grass once a month. Although he came over here the other day, I did not answer the door. He is not due back for three weeks. I will be rude if he does it again.

    I do not want to have to do the yard myself; I have no energy for it. If he comes back before three weeks, I am firing him. (He came by three more times, I did not answer the door.) But when he does come back, the yard is ready, and I will have forty to pay him. R.H. and I, split the cost. Once a month.

    “He came back I asked him why he kept coming over here, he said he needed work.” I said, “I told you four weeks. So while he was doing the yard my sister and I went to the store when we got back he was throwing four-foot pieces of my live Plumeria, upfront in the pile. I picked them up, took them to the back cussing, I had a major fit. Later I cut them down to size and re-potted them. They will grow, I do not understand why people do that.

    I brought up my book and my website a while ago. I said I could not force myself to work on it. I am not as inspired as once I was. I do not know how to get back. It seems like the past is in the history and I am right here, right now, on the outside looking into the past of me, that I wish was present.

    I would be excited to work on the writings and Publish them as I went on and on. I still have so many, but I am stuck. These writings are in the present, even though I wrote them in the past. I am still at a standstill. So what must I do? That is the question.

About “Someone Said,”

What a name, first name to pop up. August 20, 2017, I wonder why I made it private. I think it is because I knew I would not do it right away. Today is Twelve Years since my first sign of Narrow Angle Glaucoma. I suffered horrible all Richard could do sit in the darkroom with me while I was in severe pain, blindness, 99 times. I was not diagnosed for four years. Pretty pathetic.

By The Grace of God, I can still see. Although they took a test, I am blind at night, but I already knew that. I cannot see my black trash can at night. ” I know, I am going to get a neon light sticker so I can see my trash can at night.” My Eye Dr. told me the cataracts are ready to be taken out. So on the 18th of September, I will have the first surgery on the right eye, and then on October 2 the left eye. Wonderful. She said the narrow angles of glaucoma would have a little room, when she does whatever, it is, that she is going to do. I am not watching a video about it.

    This is the day I started writing 2005 writings to my husband of my youth. We parted ways last July 2016. It took him 21 years to ask me if I have ever been in love, I laughed, and said, “yes with my illusion.” He had no more reasons to see me in any way shape or form. Even though we have three grown adult children and going on 17 grandchildren, one in heaven. We are severed! We have been since the day of our Divorce.

A note:

It is September 18, 2017, I worried so much about my Son and driving into two Hurricanes from here to Miami to Connecticut and all the surrounding areas, then back to Miami before the Hurricane. Then driving to all the flooding in Houston, Pasadena Hello! Then back to Pennsylvania, then to Miami to fix the car $80 worth, headed straight for Florida’s Hurricane, then back to the Valley. He got home safe. I will have my first cataract removed on the 2nd of October. I have a fear of it.

August 24, 2017, It was time, to cease all communication. Boy, that did it, and a nine-hour conversation about the truth. That I thoroughly realized on that eventful night, he asked me that one question. “We were’ just friends we were never together again he came around because our children and grandchildren were here.”

August 30, 2017, The devastation of this monster hurricane is devastating. My Son is driving right into it, From Dania Beach Florida through Miami, Houston bound, as far as he can go to Deer Park and Pasadena for drop off of supplies, I am so worried. He left yesterday, and he is almost to Texas.

    I am worried about everything right now. I dreamed my first love last night, and it is so weird how after forty-one years, I felt him in my presence, the way I did, back in my youth.  I made myself forget the dream and the feeling.

    I decided to put these short notes on here together because I need to Publish something. My relay and battery are out. Hopefully, my Son will fix it before he leaves again. He did fix it.

Sorry but I am sick of what is going on in The World. Seriously how can you detach from the catastrophic episodes going on daily? Oh My God. So I am going to take some advice from Faery Guidance 222 and take a week off from all the worrying I am doing. I am going to leave the fear of my upcoming surgeries on my eyes behind because it is stressful. They might take my Medicaid away, so I have to have the operations.  How will I get my medicine for my eyes that I have to put in for the rest of my life? If they take the Medicaid away. Hello! I am not going to watch the news.

September 29, 2017, I read it all again, and I feel I need to Publish. I am having surgery on my right eye on Monday. I have all the necessary registrations and Dr. appointments, and exams and flu shot out of the way, I have to change so many things, I am less fearful about the surgery. Because I read about the effects of Cataracts, you can go blind with Cataracts also, and I have been experiencing several of them. That is why I stopped working on my writings. I think that is a good reason.

    My car is broke down again, a more severe problem. Son leaves tomorrow to Alabama, then further up. My twin sister is coming to my rescue. She is taking me to Surgery, and she will be with me until the Anesthesia wears off and for a couple of days after.

    Last time my eye got dilated I went blind for six days. Every Surgery is a major surgery. Have to do what I got to do.

    My Dad wants to see us. I asked if I could travel after the surgery, she said I need to go back the next day, she said no. She did not say anything about the days after, but I do not feel after all these years of suffering from my eyes that I dare go an hour and a half away to return the same day. It is too much. My sister’s husband stays with Richard when we go. I can not transport Richard away from home anymore. Just to Dr.’s appointments, not trips.

    I have to say I talked to my oldest daughter yesterday and she brought up her Dad. She says, maybe I should not tell you I said, yes I want to hear. He is going back 36 years saying that I was his one true love.

    He has been married to her for 21 years. He is wasting his time even talking about me.  It was too late the day he married her three months after our Divorce. I am telling you right now you were never my one true love.

    This is a long gibberish kind of publication but it is all I have done. I am doing alright, my Dr. is a Great Specialist and I have to trust her and her team that will be working on my eye tomorrow. Thurmond Eye Associates Deborah Alexander has been my Eye Specialist since 2010. October 1, 2017

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