Time is so weird. It just flies by, so fast. 

Time Is So Weird It Just Flies By

The space between the time, I started writing for the Lord and I. January 1996.

Only because I was present, for each episode,

of this excellent, communication in spirit. With Him being, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and Wendy, in writing my personal, conversations with the Lord.

It is a two-way communication, Spirit in Spirit,

to the unveiling of, The Christ Spirit, Within Us All. For Us All, For All Time. It brings all the generations together. The ones that have past, for the Centuries that man has been in existence. To now, and to the end of time, and after man’s extinction.

No one can take that fact away.

It has been prayed; it has been written. From and In, The Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. I did not need anyone telling me; it is not so. The quotes are from Him, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, through the vessel, He made, through Me.

The Lord, heard my cries, my mourning, my sorrow since I was eighteen.

I could not find the Lord; I searched, I asked, I followed the Lord’s call for Me. I was ready to be restored, To the Present Day Writer, from, in, and through Him, to Me.

In Presence of The Lord,

in Me and I in Him, One in Spirit. To The Oneness of Truth, that the Lord gave to them of old and to all the writers in the World, and to Me for this awesome writing, all of them. March 3, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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