What is all this leading to?

Help Me Lord to get my Spirit to come back

Day in, day out, same ole, same ole. What is holding me back? What else, am I suppose to do? Force myself to go somewhere; where I should not be? I am isolated from Society but protected. I am working and getting a paycheck. I do not know what I am supposed to do. Don’t know, oh well. August 29, 1997

    What to do? Help Lord, get my spirit back. I am bored, no one other in my life. I am not confused, but I am wondering, what is my calling? I have to do it but what do I do? I have no spirit left, it feels, I am in the worldly and wish so intense, I could be in Spirit.

    Lotto 13 Million, Would help Millions of People. Lord, not just a few “Safe Haven’s,” will happen, the regeneration is incredible. It can be fulfilled in the blink of Your Eye.

    Lord let’s do it, “In Presence of Spirit,” It will be Published. For You to come down to the Multitudes, and bring forth, The Truth in the whole of You and Your Ever Presence. I Love You, In Christ Jesus, In God I trust. Living waters of life, In You, Through You, Roundabout You. Wendy August 30, 1997

    This is my situation. In my writings, I wrote from the inner chamber. Every inward part was stretched, in the hands of time. To an awareness of infinite possibilities. Can be obtained, World Over, to put an end, to the negative forces, of doom.

    To Wake: The People’s of The Congregations. To The Truth of the meaning of life from God through Jesus. These writings are from darkness to the light. September 7, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.