Through You, The Passage is Granted.

Night Photo with a flash in the rain
In the time of impact, the cleansing has begun.

    You are The Peace In The Souls of The One’s You have Touched.  With You. We are One in Spirit. In the time of impact, the cleansing has begun. You take them through the darkness, in their soul, and refresh them with The Light of Your Ever Presence. It is the process; we flow through in the blood of Jesus Christ.

I Love You, Jesus Christ.

    I know, even though all the fire, and brimstone — my life’s experiences. You weathered me through eight long years of raising three teenagers, and two of their significant others, for the last three and five years, with four and one on the way grandchildren. So many trials and tribulations, out of control teens, etc. Lord Jesus, you know the petty stuff, and you know what has gone on in every life. Heal the afflicted.

Bring Your Everlasting Love down,

And cleanse, every one of the inner turmoil, that leaches onto every nook and cranny of our ever presence. Bring Your Angels of the Universe, and Cleanse The Hearts, and Souls of Your People. Bring Forgiveness Down. Bring Understanding. Bring Your Salvation, into The Multitudes World Over.

Bring The Light of Christ Jesus,

In Every Soul on Earth and Heaven, and The Whole Wide Universe. Why Us? To put away selfishness, and to put an end to it through Christ Jesus Our Savior. Lord Jesus, I Love You, create in me One Heart, One Mind, One Holy Congregation for You Lord Christ Jesus, in the here and now of yesterday’s, tomorrow.

We are here.

    Our book has been out four years, sitting on the airwaves, waiting to be taken to the kingdom of heaven within. It is going to happen, in Your Time. Thank You for putting the husband of my youth, and I together again. And yeah, if ever it was meant to be is right now, In Spirit. For You Jesus Christ. For Your Love Through, “In Presence of Spirit.” Just The Conversations with You Lord, are Omnipresent.

No matter when we wrote them,

and You know what I mean: You, Lord Jesus Christ Holy Spirit with Wendy, in writing, to the World. Stop the madness. It just takes that “eighteen-inch transition from mind to heart, and you will be home soon. “I never left, “In Presence of Spirit,” behind. I just did not work on it. I am sorry for losing my desire to help, weakened me to, with my day to day, duties.

    Jesus Thank You for, “In Presence of Spirit,” in its entirety. Oh Lord, it is Your Purpose, for which I do this. Even against the odds. It is meant to be. The outer man is still searching for you. Bring Down Your Comfort.

     Bring up the blessings, from You Lord, for finding You, in the inner chamber of my soul. I Love You, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, Thank You, for letting me write again. Help me do everything I have to, to complete the task at hand. August 25, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell Where do I Start? Start at the beginning, answered back immediately. In my mind’s eye.

© 2005 – 2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.