“I have pain in my left eye.”

I am a twin, and I have Twin Norfolk Island Pine Trees My Favorite.

    Do you see the difference between flesh and spirit? I did not think, “In Presence of Spirit,” was a boring book. It is full of Jesus Christ Spirit. He guided me through. You know I have not written in months, notable. Anyway, I have a lot of pages that have not been edited yet. I have sixty edited writings done and printed out a book of their own. “Conversations with the Lord,” That is what I will name it, HA. Giggle!

    I got caught up in the worldly “working,” and I traveled. not that much.  I had had the hand of Jesus Christ on my shoulder even when I did not feel it. The conscious, right way, the wrong way; deception of the realities of our real existence, which is through Jesus Christ.

    We are Spiritual Beings, and we are on a journey through the passage of time to the dawning of the age of the Spirit Man through Jesus Christ. To see the veil of the sanctuary lifted, so we can see, feel, and hear, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ’s Ever Presence.

    Jesus Christ stands firm in all His Children, all His Spiritual Beings since time began. Choices have been deliberate because of the outer abominations of desolation. It is regenerating itself through the oneness with Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. He is the one and only ruler of our souls.

     We will be alright through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. In good times in wrong, in the ever-presence of our souls. We will overcome the evil abominations that are consuming the entire world.

Jesus Christ is at The Highest Level.

     He has all His Angels Together, and they are Rejoicing.  I felt you could probably use some words of encouragement, to the oneness of truth through Christ Jesus, anything is possible. “That passion through Christ is so much more awesome.”

    I am enjoying, sharing quality time “In Presence of Spirit,” that is what it is. “In Presence of Spirit, A Journey from Darkness to The Light. A Song, A Praise, A Verse, A Prayer, A Poem To You With Love Wendy.” My dedication that each of us is going through even though, no one is fessing up. My words through Christ are up there, they are floating in space, and time, and will be fulfilled in God’s time, not mine. Isn’t this fun?

Awe, it feels good to be free to express a different perspective on our present situation.

    A Gift from Jesus Christ, A way to escape for a moment in time, In The Oneness of Truth. More of the inner than the outer, if you get my drift.

    From without hope to the one faith, that is through Jesus Christ, Our Christ Jesus, Lord of Lord, God of God, Father of, “In Presence of Spirit,” through me. Even with time’s, time and a half, the time has come. Something is going to happen Worldwide because it has been written by many.

    In Christ, We are In Him, and He is In Us, and Christ Spirit is Round About. He is here guiding the end to fruition, His Power, and Glory Forever, Amen. How are you? Are you absorbing the writings from my heart? That is igniting the oneness with Christ again.

    Backslider does not know how to get back with all the commotion. We need some downtime to hear, to look, to understand the writings on our hearts since time began. Time is no matter. We are alright.

    We will make it through along with the World through, The Christ Spirit, Within Us All, waiting to be set free.  Anyone else who reads these pages. Things I needed to say, I got to say! Hopefully, if you read the words of my writings, of my letters, especially these last ones, You can tell the difference from my heart to yours, in Faith of His Ever Presence.

    Oh man, it would be a shame to throw these pages away, lost forever. But I guess not really; they are already in the realm of Holiness. A constant in our beings. FREE THE WOMEN AND THE CHILDREN! FREE  THE WORLD FROM DAMNATION Through Christ Jesus, who strengthens us.

We are, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    You know He knows why, “In Presence of Spirit,” is used so much. It is my life’s work, even though, not a book, has been sold. Can you believe that? Whoa, a lot of words. One of these days or nights, I am going to have to read my book. I have not read it yet, isn’t that weird. I have tried, but not in a while. I can still recite, but I have not been doing it — a lot of years.

    It is still in my heart, and it is everlasting words from Jesus Christ with love, through me. In One Heart, One Love, One Hope, of Our Eternal Spiritual, Father of All, in Faith of His Eternal Presence.

    Thank You, Jesus Christ, for letting me write, positive helpful, fulfilling words. In prose, a conversation with three, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ to us, His Chosen. “pain is back in my eye; I need to take a break. 8:30 a. m. whoa, I had to stop writing, I was in awful pain for over an hour.”

    It is Sunday; I am isolating myself in the oneness of Spirit to enlighten, to inspire, to achieve that which has been set forth. Even in bondage, declare the time of the Lord. I want to talk like this, but I cannot. Well, I had the most beautiful job to do, write, with the Lord. I needed downtime. I did — ten years. You know I wrote, “In Presence of Spirit,” the first writing in April  1988. Thank God, I have a copy of the original. The Lord gave me the mission of my very own. I must write to you, for some reason. It is just flowing out, and I do not want to stop, this is my calling.

Hidden in the fog again, clarify transition, granted.

    “Clarity of Our True Reality, through Christ Jesus, who Strengthens Us.” Awe, I need to read, how? My eye is acting up. I had to ice my eye it was bad. It took the main pain away; I got to sleep. I hope you are fine, sorry for taking so long to be constructive again in writing. Blessing you in understanding from our heart to yours, “Christ Jesus and Wendy writing to the World.” Stop the madness. Turn to Jesus Christ.

    Revealed, came to mind. “Reveal the inner parts of our Soul’s Voyage.” Without you are lost, within you are one in Spirit.” You can escape into the inner chamber where Our Lord is there, carrying you through to your tomorrow…is but a breath away. Endure, stay strong, you are a gifted Man. You are using it for Christ Jesus, and you are helping lost souls find the path to freedom from pain, forgiveness through Jesus Christ Salvation. Our Lord and Savior guided us through the brim and fire to come into, “In Presence of Spirit,” In One Heart, One Mind, One Soul. Through Christ Jesus, who is Omnipresent.

    Well, you saw the transitional writing, the
excerpting red ink, that’s what you use and leave what is not needed, out. We are Okay. I am afraid my eye is going to start hurting again. The pain was like a migraine in my eye.

I have my index cards,

    I had the name date when I edited them when completed, and I made some of the sixty edited pieces. I should put it all together. I have meant to; I just have not had a chance. I know more or less how I need everything in a specific order. Everything has it’s time, place and quality reason, not dysfunctional anymore.

    I am gaining knowledge, and the oneness through Christ, and what He is doing through my writings, to you with love. Now it is “Conversations with The Lord,” and the husband of my youth, who is my brother in Christ Jesus. There is a reason for the words. I pray they open your soul to understanding. “Am I insane,” No, it is for The Glory of God, in Heart Soul Revelation. At His Coming.

    I hope you are reading. The only place I can contact you is, “In Presence of Spirit,” in an all the way around needed explanation. August 21, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell First signs of  Narrow-Angle Glaucoma I have. Eleven years now. Thank you, Lord, for sight.  I messed up on this last part, I can not fix it.

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